10 Reasons to Read Love in the Time of the Dead by Tera Shanley

November 20, 2014 Feature, Uncategorized 1

10.) Laney Landry is a badass. No seriously, chicks got it going on!

9.) It’s non stop action packed.

8.) Zombies and awesome romance! Win/Win!

7.) Sean and Finn!!! I love both of them equally. Mitchell isn’t that bad either!

6.) The world building is cool! I love the idea of groups of people running from colony to colony.

5.) Laney’s brother Jarren. He’s the family member you want with you during the apocalypse.

4.) The supporting characters have the same care and depth that is put into the main characters.

3.) Uh, that cover?!

Love in the Time of the Dead

2.) Laney’s “super power.” I can’t divulge this without ruining the surprise of it, but let’s just say that this makes the story so much cooler.

1.) Tera isn’t afraid to go there. No one is safe. Can anyone really find Love in the Time of the Dead?

OH and one more thing! The sequel is just as good as the first book!

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  • I’m in. Totally added this to my TBR – sounds effing awesome!