15 Day Blogging Challenge Day 8

July 15, 2013 15 day challenge, Uncategorized 1



  1. Clean professional design. I can’t help it, if the design looks like something I could whip up then I might not be as likely to stick around. Have you seen the graphics I make? They are horrible. There are so many great simple, clean looking designs out there that can be spruced up a bit for free. 
  2. Going right along that, a non cluttered side bar. I am super guilty of having a cluttered side bar. Every two months or so I would go through and dump everything, then stuff would start building up again.
  3. Fun, interesting reviews and topics. If the author is being themselves and having fun it shows. If blogging is a chore for them it shows. People who are faking it-well that shows too. I like to feel like I might be able to get to know the person from their writing.
  4. There is nothing quick about this prompt.
  5. ORIGINAL CONTENT! If everything on the blog is blitzes and cover reveals I will not stick around. I’m going to look at what I went to the blog for and then leave. If it’s a giveaway they I will do my required steps but thats it. I know, I know we have cover reveals and blitzes on here. I let (bahahaha I feel like the queen) my girls post what ever they fancy. But we also(and by we I mean Lindsay) have a good portion of reviews as well.
  6. Am I on number 15 yet?
  7. Reviews of books I might not have heard of.
  8. My daughter once covered my entire tv with chocolate pudding from a chocolate pie I had sitting on the kitchen table. Thankfully I have an old dinosaur of a tv and not one of those new fancy flat panel ones.
  9. Blood splatter, gore or horror with a touch of girly really catches my eye.
  10. I like .gifs on blogs but I always wonder if they infringe on some law so I am scared to use them.
  11. Fiktshun
  12. Parajunkee
  13. Blogrolls. I love them. I think it’s such a great way to show our community support because we all know that  sometimes commenting isn’t something we are the greatest at.
  14. Is it sad that I could have come up with 15 things that DON’T appeal to me on blogs much faster than 15 things that do?
  15. Informative posts. I like them.


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