15 Day Book Blogger Challenge-Day 1

July 8, 2013 Hot 13

Day 1: Book Confessions

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1.) I am in a reading funk. But don’t have the time to do number 2. Any more I find that I have to force myself to read.
2.) When I get into reading funks I like to read NA contemporary romances. They are light, fluffy, and a huge guilty pleasure. And they usually take me no more than 3 hours to read.
3.) I dog ear books. I do. And I don’t care. I also like to break the spine.
4.) I hate Thrillers. I don’t mind books with thriller aspects but I don’t read crime novels.
5.) I’m a horror junkie, but if the writer skimps on romance AND gore I’m done.
6.) I always pick the wrong love interest in Love Triangles. Always.
7.) Going along with number 6. I secretly fear that Juliette is going to pick Adam instead of Warner in Tahereh Mafi’s SHATTER ME series. It really does keep me up at night.

8.) I obsess over book series. I literally stalk authors like Susan Ee, Ilsa J. Blick, and Tahereh Mafi to get tiny morsels of their next book. GIVE ME MORE BOOKS!
9.) There are several authors out there who most readers think the sun shines out of their books that I cannot stand. I found the book boring and said so, but very politely. I was never asked to review for them again….
10.) Speaking of reviews- I try not to read more than two for any book (before I read it). I don’t want someone else’s opinion shaping my own, and I NEVER choose my friends reviews.
11.) I wish Dex and Perry in Karina Halle’s EIT would just get together (and stay together) so she can go back to scaring the shit out of me.
12.) I won’t lend certain books out. I have like three books out of my hundreds that I will let other people read. If the book comes back in worse condition than I gave to them then I will never lend them another book. ONLY I can be hard on my books.
13.) I’m a cover whore. It’s better if you are requesting I review your book that you let me read the blurb first. I’ve been blown away at times when I did review the book and then see the cover. It’s definitely humbling. I also play favorites with cover designers. If you have a Phatpuppy cover I am 100% certain I will add your book to my to read list.
14.) The Twilight movies ruined the books for me. I can’t read them without picturing Kristen Stewart’s face. No thank you.
15.) I can’t remember names of characters or how to spell them. EVER! It’s horrible. I’m not talking side characters either. I mean the MC. Even worse is when the author doesn’t use their names in the blurb. Then I have to hunt it down. I have totally not reviewed books because I can’t remember the MC’s name (and was too lazy to hunt it down) and am embarrassed.

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  • OH these are great!!! I’m declaring you my soul-mate… is that too forward?

    • It depends. Can she be soul mates with two people at the same time? LOL

    • Not at all!

  • I always like the wrong dude in the love triangles, too. The I get mad at the main character. Then I get mad at the author.

    • Me too. Andrea Cremer is forever on my sh*t list for her Nightshade books.

  • B

    I am the same in regards to #13 and #15. I also give you credit for #8. I don’t usually do that haha. Great confessions!
    Brittany @ Spare Time Book blog

    • Thanks! It’s bad. But I’m glad I am not alone.

  • First of all, your blog design is awesomely creepy! When I am in a book funk, I read reviews obsessively until something jumps out at me that makes me want to read it right away. I guess that wouldn’t work well with #10 though!

    • LOL. No it wouldn’t. Thanks, the blog design is all Parajunkee.

  • #15< --- Me too me too!!! I always have to write it down on the sticky note or send myself a text so that I remember lol
    Great post!


    • Phew. I feel so badly too. But now that I know it’s more common I don’t feel like a total failure!

  • Oh no, reading funks aren’t fun at all 🙁 I hope you get out of yours soon!

    Good idea about reading the blurb before seeing a cover when you get a review request. I may just have to do the same 🙂

    Great list!

  • This makes me want to read Karina Halle’s books!

    Also, I hope you are able to find a way out of your reading funk soon, like Rachelia said, they are not at all fun, actually they are kind of the worst.

    I am glad to see other people who like new adult! YAY!

    Thanks for joining in!