15 Day Book Blogging Challenge Day -5

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This is the 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge. On Day 5 we are supposed to give our recommended Tear Jerker! To check out the ins and outs of the challenge go to Good Books, Good Wine!


I hate books that make me cry. I really do. I love them because they moved me so emotionally, but yeah I also hate them.

I have a few I will recommend. They come in all genres so there should be a tear jerker for you somewhere.

Ya Ya

Okay, I know I’m losing some of my street cred here. But seriously. This book. This f*@cking book. I can’t even read it again. I was 16 when I read it the first time, and going through a lot of issues with my own mother. So this book just ripped me to the core.


wishing for someday soon

Yeah more of those mother issues. This book is beautiful. Absolutely 100% beautiful!!

In Darknes We Must Abide Episode 5 thefirstdays


As the World Dies Untold Tales Vol. 3

Rhiannon Frater is a cruel bitch. In both The First Days and As the World Dies Vol. 3 she uses vivid imagery that would, can and will slay any mother. I love the Vampires. It’s probably one of my favorite works by her. I obviously love her brand of torture because I keep coming back for more.

So there you have it. My tear jerkers. Yep, these authors are JERKS.



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