15 Day Book Blogging Challenge – Day 7

July 14, 2013 15 day challenge 0



This blog feature is hosted by April at Good Books, Good Wine!

My blogging quirks. I’m not even sure what this entails.

Well I have to have my earphones in when I blog. Half the time there isn’t even music on, I just have to have them in I guess.

Due to my friend Ren’s obsession I am now a Page Break freak. I get irritated if a post is long. If my co bloggers posts are too long I will go in and edit in page breaks. I can’t help it. I have this visual in my head of how long each post should be on the front page and I want to stick to that.


I NEVER look at my blog numbers. I love my followers and would rather see them as faces than numbers (Many of them have transitioned into friends). So when one of my co-bloggers asks me what our stats are I’m like “ehhhhh….I don’t know.” Because I am a lazy blogger.

I don’t like book blitzes and will only sign up for my author friends blitzes.

I think that covers my quirks.
signaturePS the music is going this time: Current track Wiz Khalifa “When I’m Gone”


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