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Ahhh….So I’ve been trying to write a book, read, review, blog and work two jobs. Up until this last week I think I managed to juggle the many things coming at me well. Then I started to forget to hit publish, or set up posts, or a bunch of emails got deleted instead of going into my blogging folder. (And me being the awesome person I am even deleted my trash folder before I noticed.) Needless to say. Nothing, and I mean, nothing is going right for me right now. Well. my nephew and daughter still manage to bring me smiles and a happy heart but everything else. Sh*t.

What I have realized is that I can’t do all of this. I can’t do the deadlines. I swore to myself that I would not do blog tours unless it was really a book, or an author that I have a connection with. Then I started saying yes to a whole bunch of things because I felt like I had to. I can’t do it peeps, I really, really can’t. Please don’t ask me to. I love to read, and write and blog about books, but once it ends up draining me personally, or causing me stress then it stops being fun and becomes another effin’ chore. I have so many responsibilities that I look to blogging to lighten me and bring me some joy. Feeling like I am letting people down by missing posts, or posting late is not a happy feeling. I’m not here to become the next big blogger. I don’t personally feel the compulsion to post everyday or have kick ass giveaways, or a million followers. I’m happy to have all of you here, I’m even happier when new people come on the blog, but my goal is not book blogging domination.

I love working with authors and other bloggers. That’s not something I want to give up, but it’s also not what this is about. This is about me thinking I can please everyone and do everything. It’s about me not being able to say no, even when I need to. I’m actually sorry if my scatterbrainedness these past few weeks has caused anyone stress. In order to help us all out I will unfortunately have to take on less blog tours.

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