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I don’t hide the fact that I struggle to be a “good blogger”. I don’t post regularly. I hardly take the time to review books anymore, and I am so woefully behind on reading that at this point it’d take me years to catch up to where I should be. I obviously need to work on my personal definition of a “good blogger” too.  But I have learned a lot by being in this community. These are the…

5 Things I Didn’t Know About Book Blogging 3 Years Ago!

5.) That this community would become so ingrained in my life. I think about books all day long. Reading them, writing them, holding them, getting rid of them. Hating that they take up every available surface in my house.

4.) I didn’t know that I would be entering a world that is ready to combust at the drop of a hat. We (bloggers and authors) work in a semi-hostile, very competitive environment day in and day out. Everything is questioned. Everything is open to attack.

Our relationships mostly take place on the internet, which is a pretty hostile place to begin with. Add in people’s jobs, money, and feelings and it’s like a fucking powder keg. No matter what circle you hang in.

It’s okay to be jealous of one another, it’s okay to be mad, or frustrated, or just blah about the book world. What is NOT okay is using those feelings and letting it fuel to you to bring others down.

Feeling jealous? Figure out what you fucking rock at, and fucking rock at it. Or don’t, but don’t be an asshole and try to ruin other people’s careers.

Feeling pissed off because people like stupid books about stupid douchey abusive assholes? Then read or write a book that doesn’t have the DAA in it.

Have you had a shitty run in with an author/blogger/reviewer? Deal with it, move on from it, and figure out how to not get into that situation again. Make like a well written character and fucking GROW!

3.) That the industry would change so dramatically in the past three years. As the number of authors and bloggers trying to make it increases, the integrity of the community seems to be falling. Marketing by both bloggers and authors is starting to feel…a little…sticky…

You know what else is getting sticky, the research being put into books as this community continues to force authors to vomit books at a unrealistic pace. I could name several popular indie books that have lack of research written all throughout the pages. I could name them, but that would  probably make me a bully. 😉

Who knows what the future holds, all I know is that the current work pace can’t and shouldn’t last. I applaud the writers, artists, and bloggers who take the time to continue working in our world with pride, and integrity. Not every book that is written and published in a matter of weeks is shit, but if we start making that the standard, how can any of us maintain? 

2.) No one told me  I would feel so guilty about making those three teasers out of those non stock images. But I do. I feel disgusting, and every time I see them I want to rip them down from the internet. I pay for my stock now. I didn’t always, but I do now. Lucky for me my early teasers and images were HORRIBLE, so I don’t see them that often.

It’s not rare to see authors and bloggers posting rants about piracy and how it hurts them, and then turn around and use a celebrity/model image as a teaser. What about the model/celeb that is used to endorse something they may not want to be associated with? What about the make up artist, the photographer, the clothing designer, or the graphic designer who made that awesome vector/graphic/artwork you swiped? They all make a living from those images. Just like most authors aspire to make a living from their books.

Like I said, I am SO guilty of doing this in the past. I can’t change the past, only learn from it.

1.) I didn’t know that I would find a family in this community. One that holds me up, and keeps me sane. My best friend lives in Canada. I met her on Goodreads. My other best friend, she lives in Florida, she stalked the blog when we first started. That other best friend, she lives in Indiana, and I begged her to let me beta read her second zombie book. I talk to these three people. Every. Day.

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