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5 Things


Teen Wolf Edition!

We here at Contagious Reads are obsessed with Teen Wolf. Lindsay and Lori are late comers to the series but are definitely fans!!!

Lori: These are my top 5 Teen Wolf…Things!
5.) Isaac Lahey

4.) Season 3

 -The cast, the plot, the whole season was insanity. It was just amazing. Don’t get me wrong the other seasons were great, but season 3 was the best.

3.) It reminds me a lot of Buffy. It’s zany, and sexy, and supernatural.

2.) Did I say Isaac? I did. Well I loved his character. So he goes twice!

1.) Stiles.

Lindsay’s Top 5 Teen Wolf… characters!

5) Derek (aka Man Candy)

4) Kick ass chicks! There is a great combination of sword wielding, cross bow shooting, gun toting chicks. And even if one happens to be physically powerless, she still seems to have that eardrum-shattering shriek thing happening. These girls have saved Scott’s ass more times than you can count!

3) Parrish. Not sure what he is yet, but he’s… something.

2) Scott & Allison (aka Allicott… or Scallison?) I like Kira okay, but she’ll never have that same chemistry that Scott and Allison had together.

1) Stiles. He’s just too adorable.

Elyse: My Top 5 goes like this! 

5.)  Mama McCall. She’s so awesome!






4.) Coach Finstock. LoL.

3.) I loved Danny and Ethan so hard! They were so flipping cute together.










2.) Derek. Shirtless. The End.

1.) And my number 1. The Scott and Stiles bromance.

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