5 Things… That Piss Me Off!

January 8, 2015 5 things, Feature 0

Lindsay’s 5 Things:

5) Drama Llamas. People who like to stir the pot and make everyone else get all uppity. Leave all that drama in my grandmother’s Soaps where it belongs!

4) Amazon. Amazon and I have a love/hate relationship. They peddle the one product I can’t live without at an affordable price, so there is that. But they also keep trying to get me to transfer my kindle books over to their .ca page. Nuh uh. There is no way that I want to be subjected to those pesky territory laws, where I don’t have access to even a fraction of the ebooks! And then, they offer books on sale but only for US readers. Sneaky buggers.

3) Blanket hogs. I like to sleep with the temperature turned down low, wrapped up like a burrito in 3 blankets and fluffy pajamas. Steal my blankets and expect a drowsy pummeling and weak attempts to pull them back!

2) Weather. I can generally handle the arctic temperatures and ten feet of snow, for six long months. But don’t jerk me around! Warm, cold, warm, cold. The roads are like skating rinks and people forget how to drive. Can I just hibernate until spring?

1) Noise. All kinds of noise. Screaming, whining, tapping, scraping (can you tell I’m just coming off Christmas vacation with the kids?). You know what I love? School!

Lori’s 5 Things:

5.) People who don’t know how to pump gas. I don’t even drive and I know how to pump gas.

4.) People who read/watch/listen to things they’ll know they hate. Just so that they can spew hate. I get reading something if it’s a fad just to see what the hype is, but continually doing it just to be an asshole gets a little old.

3.) Selfish people.

2.) People who blindly follow other people, and then spout that person’s ideas/opinions as their own. Yeah, I can hear you parroting someone else’s words, instead of forming your own opinion.

1.) Drama Llamas. The more people say they stay out of drama the more likely they are to be involved in it on the regular. “Drama” happens. It’s kinda like shitting, it’s completely unavoidable, but there seems to be people out there that do NOTHING but Drama. They bait, they engage and they play the victim.

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