5 Things…that stop me from reading this book in public!

August 14, 2014 5 things, Feature 1

5 Things


Here at Contagious Reads we like to talk about all things bookish. The good and the bad. Mainly the good. We also like to have fun and laugh at ourselves and how ridiculous we can be when it comes to this crazy little book world.

5 Things is a Meme in which we post 5 thoughts, feelings, or reactions to various things that we encounter.

This week we are continuing our theme of books that might make us a little ashamed to be seen reading it in front of non book people. (cause they just don’t get it.)


5.)  The cover is bad. Like scary bad. The book itself is pretty good. When I mark it on Goodreads my facebook peeps see it, and I am surrounded by cover whores, so sometimes I get the…’Seriously?’ reaction.

4.) The title is racy. “Hey what are you reading?” “Oh you know, Thetentaclemonsterthateveryonewanted” *cough. Wait. Maybe that’s just a me problem. PS. Real Book. PS. It’s FREE. And you know you want it. —–TENTACLEMONSTER—–

3.) I’m a grown up. This book is YA. Sometimes I just feel silly reading it.

2.) It’s Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ve already lived through that horror once, but you can’t deny that if you picked up this book and read it in public people would assume you’re reading a book about kinky sex. If only they knew the truth…

1.) Uh the people on this cover are legit making a baby. My family sees what I read if I keep my goodreads updated! *cringe* I have read books and not marked them as read just to spare my family the weird Monster Porn.


5) It’s a tear jerker. I hate crying in private, so doing it in public isn’t even an option.

4) I’m a blusher. I’m also super paranoid. So if I’m reading a sexy book and I inevitably start to blush, I start looking over my shoulder. They know!

3) I get distracted easily. If the book isn’t keeping my attention, my eyes will start to wander and I will forget everything I just read.

2) I should be watching my children… I often bring books with me when I take my kids to the play structure, but my kids will notice that I’m not watching and will start beating each other up. That’s when I pretend they’re someone else’s kids.

1) Bodice-ripper covers (you know the ones… remember Fabio?) are a huge no-no. I won’t even read those in front of my husband, or I will never hear the end of it.


5.) YA. I read a LOT of YA. I’m not ashamed of that per-se, but I don’t feel like I should have to defend myself to people who don’t think adults should read them. Plus I don’t think I’m an adult.

4.) The title. If someone asks you have to tell them right? You saw my Waiting on Wednesday selection? I’m going to turn beet red and want to cry when I tell you I’m reading ‘Cry Little Sister’ and then have you ask me what it’s about. Let’s just avoid that whole conversation entirely please.

3.) Book porn. Let’s be honest and just call it what it is. I’m probably drawing some unwanted attention to myself if I’m reading a scene that makes me clench my legs together or squirm in my seat. We’ll just leave those books at home.

2.) Romance novels. They almost all feature half naked people on the front cover almost kissing or fondling each other, or some cheesy title “Love At Sunset.” Just keep walking lady, don’t even act like you saw my book.

1.) Movie covers! I hate when books swap out their covers for the movie cover. It makes me cringe and embarrasses me to be seen with it! No, I’m not reading this book because it’s popular all of a sudden. It’s been on my TBR list for ages!

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