5 Things… The Walking Dead

October 9, 2014 5 things, Feature 2

5 Things


5 Things Warning


5 Things is a weekly meme in which we or sometimes just I, post 5 random thoughts about a random topic. This week it’s all about the Walking Dead, son!


5.) I actually kind of don’t like the show 90% of the time. They do way too much talking. I’m not watching this show to learn morals and lessons people. I want to see zombies. I want to see zombies getting their brains blown out. What can I say, I’m a simple girl.

4.) Season 1 Rick. Actually Season 1 EVERYTHING.



3.) Michonne.

2.) Daryl Dixon is probably one of the coolest TV characters ever. But that’s probably because Norman is badass.

1.) Carl Poppa. I know it’s not technically from the people at the walking dead, but seriously. BLR is legend for coming up with this song.




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    Dur dur dur dee dur

  • Yes! I agree with everything 100% Two days, bitches! Well, three for me because I have to wait until Monday to watch it.