5 Things…We Hate Seeing on Our Facebook Timeline!

September 25, 2014 5 things, Feature 5

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Hiya Folks Welcome to another installment of Five Things. Lately, we’ve been pretty nice and chipper, but you know us. We drink some strong haterade. It was only a matter of time before we sharpened our toothbrushes in preparation of shanking someone.

So without further ado here are the:

Five Things… We Hate Seeing on Our Facebook Timeline

Lori’s Five Things:

5.) Fucking football. I get it my endless posts about my kid and books are annoying, I see countless memes and posts about THAT. You know what else is fucking annoying. You. Complaining about how shitty “your team” is playing. Guess the fuck what? You don’t play for them, you don’t coach them, and you most definitely don’t own them. They are not “your team”. So relax. Enjoy it. If it causes you that much stress then maybe you should find a better way to spend your time. I suggest reading. 😉


4.)Muthafucking PUMPKIN SPICE. I hate that shit. Like for real hate it.



3.) Go-fund me for a dream house, or a dream wedding, or a vacation, or whatever. I’m not opposed to helping someone out when times are tough or when they lose a loved one, but if it’s something like one of the above I really don’t have the funds to spare for it. And if I donate, I’d really love it if I didn’t see the people out getting huge tattoos or going to Vegas shortly after their desperate time…


2.) Your drama, dude. Seriously.


1.) Christmas countdowns. For real? It’s not even fucking Halloween. Stop counting down to Christmas. Just let me have my holiday, man. Just let me have it.

Lindsay’s Five Things

5) American politics. No offense guys, but the only thing worse than Canadian politics is the US version. Same shit, different pile, except I don’t know any of the names.

4) Spoilers. Yep, I went there. I have kids and can’t always watch the show when it plays live. So, I avoid the internet like the plague the day after, when I know that everybody and their dog is out there creating a whole new batch of memes to ruin it for me.

3) Haters! I’m hatin’ on the haters. It’s all very well and good to bitch to your friends about the bad day that you’re having, but when you go on a page long rant every two days, I tend to get the impression that you’re an angry person. Huh. Go figure. Try to post a picture of a cute widdle kitty cat or something. Break up the hate with something furry.

There are only two possible reactions to haters. I can usually maintain a certain calm, but every now and then… FEEL MY WRATH!

2) ADS! I know that this isn’t anyone’s fault, except for the faceless facebook nazis, but it really gets my goat that every second post on my newsfeed is another ad for something that I will never buy. Just because “somebody” once “accidentally” clicked on a One Direction video, that does NOT mean that I want to like their page or buy their CD.

1) Celebrity gossip. I can’t even keep up with what my real friends are doing! Do you think I need to waste my time following all the local celebs, who they’re dating, who’s the baby daddy, what they ate for lunch? … well … maybe.

But you know what I love? Muthafuckin’ PUMPKIN SPICE! Yeah, I love that shit.

Elyse’s Five Things:

5.) A play by play of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s lives leading up to the birth of their baby. I don’t care how good she looks in skinny jeans today, or where they had lunch! Leave them the hell alone.

4.) When someone posts 5 times a day urging people to buy their book. I get it..I really do. But there’s a point when people stop paying attention.

3.) Politics. Just..no. I don’t wanna hear about it on FB as well as everywhere else.

2.) When Facebook tells me you added something to your Amazon Wishlist. Are you trying to bait people into buying it for you?

1.) Bitches hating on PSL.



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  • Lori Parker

    I’m actually a little offended. I’m pretty much the only person in the world who hates Pumpkin Spice Flavoring…LOL.

    • Lindsay Galloway

      I had some pumpkin spice tea at the mall today. It was delicious. Just thought you should know. 😉

  • Michelle

    Lol! I hate Pumpkin Spice Lattes too Lori, it’s like weird pumpkin milk. I also hate the “I love Fall!” posts with people in their sweaters and hats…it’s in the 70’s here, but at least you’ll look cute as you sweat to death. 😛

    • Lori Parker

      It all goes hand in hand. I love fall, because October is the best month of the year. I think I’ve only tried Pumpkin Spice Lattes once. It wasn’t for me but I hate pumpkin pie…

  • Kristin@Blood, Sweat and Books

    I love fall in general but it kinda rocks also because of Pumpkin Spice everything lol. I definitely agree with the Politics and Football posts, so over them.