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July 31, 2014 5 things, Feature 5

5 Things: Keeping me from writing this review!

Pretty bride cleaning her bloody chainsaw




5- The book was good, but I feel like I have NOTHING to say about it. Other than it was good.

4- Facebook. Always facebook.

3- I’m too busy devouring the sequel.

2- Ugh WordPress logged me out again… I’ll just come back later. #lazy

1- I wish you could see this cursor blinking at me. I think it hates me. It keeps taunting me. Oh, Kittens!


5- Do I have to write it? It’s so much pressure!!!

4- I’ll just start reading a new book, and then c0me back and write it.

3- Lori, what happened to my login link to the blog? It’s giving me an error!

2- O.o look I have 10 notifications on Facebook, I need to see what they are.

1- This movie! Oh my gosh I haven’t seen it in forever. #nostalgia


5- I know that it may have been mentioned once or twice already, but FACEBOOK! I HATE YOU! …don’t ever leave me.

4- My Sims need to be fed. I don’t think they’ll die if I neglect them, but there’s no way I’m willing to risk it. I’ve already invested too many hours to screw up now!

3- So, there’s this thing called cleaning. I know I don’t do it very often, but it works as an effective procrastination tool.

2- The Machine. It has just sucked one hour of my life away. (Bonus points to whoever can name the movie)

1- Screaming, fighting, crying… did I mention I have kids? (The crying is usually me)

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  • LOL, love this!

    Princess Bride, right?

    • *gasp* your’e not sure!? 😉

    • Lindsay Galloway

      Time for a rewatch! 😛

  • Not to 50!!!

    • Lindsay Galloway

      I knew I could count on you, Mike 😉