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May 22, 2012 general update 4

This is me and my beautiful baby. She is awesome and watches Dora while I am reading! She will be 2 on June 18th. Can count to 11 in English and 10 in Spanish. She also knows all the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Trust me I am surprised when she starts singing songs and speaking Spanish. These are things she picks up on her own. Enough of my gushing mommy-ness and onto the important stuff.

I want to address a couple of things about the blog today. First off the star rating system. We use the goodreads 1-5 star system. 1 being horrid and 5 being amazing. I am extremely generous with my reviews. There is very little out there that I do not enjoy reading. I also am not comfortable giving less than 3 stars. Nor will you see many non 4 or 5 star books here. The blog is about what I am digging… If I am hating something it won’t be here. However, if Kami loves it I will post it. The exceptions will be extremely popular books that I review because I am invested in the series or I want to figure out what the fuss is about.
The second thing is the content of the blog itself. Kami and I are in our **cough** late 20’s. I’m a year older. We both read quite a bit of Young Adult fiction. But do not exclusively read that. Hence the erotica. Not everything we read or say is intended or meant for young readers.
Ok now that is out of the way. Have a wonderful day. I am almost finished with Death Weeps. I will review it tomorrow.
On Thursday and Friday I will review a couple of other books as well as post the the cover and blurbs of the next two Death books. These are not cover reveals. Tamara already has them up on her blog. I am not an important enough blogger to get that kind of exclusive. LOL. However, since it is death week I feel the need to cover all of the series.
If you are hooked on Tamara’s work like I am you should check out her blog, facebook and goodreads page. I promise she is super duper cool and a real sweetie. If you friend request her she will accept and if you have any questions or just want to tell you how awesome she is she will respond.
Anyway the blog:

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  • Ok I lied. I hated the monster erotica and cowboy erotica…but they were funny. So stuff like that will be on here!

  • Hi Lori! Thanks so much for featuring my Death Series books on your blog. I started out with one follower too and it builds! I will NEVER be too big to be featured wherever I’m asked. I always feel honored anyone thinks enough of my work to want to feature it. Thanks so much for thinking of me and your kind words of praise.

    Get a button so I can put it on My Blog! 😀 ttys and take care~

  • Haha. I’m still figuring all this blog stuff. I’m working on the button feature. Should be up soonish!

  • Ok I *think* I have the button figured out. I designed it myself in like 10 mins so it’s not super snazzy. LOL. Hope it works. *Fingers crossed*