A shout out to our beloved Lori

December 11, 2012 Uncategorized 3

Lori my friend, we have been through a lot. Through all our ups and downs we have always come out on top. After the death of my mom you were always there to lend and ear or a shoulder whenever I needed it.

Even though we dont work together, or even live close to one another anymore I still consider you one of my best friends.

When Lori decided to start this blog, she invited me to help out. Although I have posted several reviews, without Lori this blog would not be what it is today. Lori goes out of her way everyday to bring something new and exciting to the blog. She works her ass off promoting Authors who sometimes fly just under the radar and are not as well known as they should be.

With Lori’s smart, sarcastic, and twisted sense of humor she has made this blog flourish. I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me on this journey with you. Although sometimes I am unable to pull my weight you never get down on me about my moodswings. I love you bitch!

Zombie cheers to you Luv

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I'm a mother, and I love reading. What else is there to know?

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  • Ren

    Love this!! Lori is amazing! Xoxoxo

  • I second Ren’s statement. =) <3!!!

  • Cheers! I’ll drink to that! Lori, you rock!!! xoxo