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Lori the Brave. Or that’s what she is called in her hometown. She once, with one arm tied behind her back, saved a whole litter of kittens from being catnapped. It was a daring rescue. Luckily she survived with only a few scratches from a strange female cat lurking around the wee ones….
When she’s not rescuing cats she can be found prowling her neighbors yard luring their cats away with treats, and searching animal rescues and the internet for more furry babies.
She also spends entirely too much time looking at pictures of shirtless men.
When those two hobbies aren’t consuming her time, she can be found with her nose stuck in a book.

Lori enjoys reading anything that is a bit on the dark side. Taboo erotica, dark contemp romance, and horror are her favorites. However, she has been known to read other things.



Lindsay spent her formative years with a traveling freak show. As they traveled across Canada and America she soon became known as the “GIRL WITH TOO MANY BOOKS!”
While this marked her as a freak with her public school mates (her parents made her attend from time to time) in the freak community she was simply a girl who liked to read. A lot. Needless to say with the growing popularity of the internet Lindsay’s services as a freak grew few and far between. Ultimately, she was let go from her troupe. She has since had trouble adjusting to the real world. Often asking women with more than a few whiskers why they don’t embrace their beardliness.
Lindsay enjoys reading horror, paranormal romance, and pretty much everything.

Elyse was once a junior national trampoline gold medalist. She can really soar high! Unfortunately her daring jumps and love of wine led to disaster in early 2003. Being “only slightly drunk”, the superstar went to complete her most difficult and signature jump, and missed the landing. Unless she suddenly changed it so she landed on her shoulder and neck instead of her feet….
At any rate the young athlete was sent to a rehab center. Where instead of booze she was enriched with books. Thus marking her as an avid reader for life.
Elyse enjoys anything that has romance in it. Horror, PNR, Contemp as long as it’s good she’ll read it.


So now you are all wondering, how in the heck did these three girls, from different parts of the world come together to form a book blog! If you answered the internet. You mi amigo are WRONG!

This actually a very interesting story. Full of bloodshed, sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.
A few years ago, the three girls were all traveling. All for very different reasons. Linsday was lost in a haze, hanging out with the roughest toughest bikers in Winnepeg. Elyse, needed to “find herself” after the lose of her trampolining career. She had decided that college was not for her. She was also broke and homeless. Her parents squandered her savings on life sized clown sculptures and had converted her bedroom into a clown museum. Elyse, is by the way (and this the truth) is terrified of clowns.
Lori’s  favorite cat Peppers passed away, and she needed to fill a void left by that loss and traveled cross country to adopt a new kitty.

Enter the Hotel/Motel of Great Fates. Seriously, that’s what it was called. It wasn’t a five star joint if you know what I am talking about.
The three soon-to-be friends checked in on the fated Saturday afternoon.
Lindsay, slept off a three day binger. Elyse, was trying to meditate in her room, surround by her ceramic unicorn collection.
Lori, hacked into the neighboring McDonlads wifi and searched the internet for cat memes and shirtless men.
Without notice a trio of black SUV’s pulled up in the parking lot. They opened fire at the hotel/motel killing everyone but the three girls. Luckily, the only other people there were the bikers, and they just so happened to be heartless killers.
When the smoke settled the three girls emerged from their room. Each gripping a copy of Flowers in the Attic. Fate was indeed great that day.


Seriously though readers,
We love you, we love each other, and we love reading. 😀


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