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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour: TraffickedTrafficked by Sophie Hayes
Published by Source Books on Sept. 17, 2013
Genres: Non Fiction
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When Sophie Hayes met Bledi she knew he'd change her life – but she had no idea how much. At first, it was a typical whirlwind romance. But one day Bledi told her that love always comes at a price ...

Bledi tricked Sophie into travelling to Italy, where he forced her to sell her body to help him pay off a debt. Terrified and ashamed, Sophie worked the dangerous Italian streets without rest, seeing as many as 30 clients in a night. She was completely at Bledi′s mercy for food, clothes and shelter. And without money, friends or family, she was trapped.

But Sophie found the strength to keep going, clinging to life by a single thread of hope: that somehow she′d find a way to escape.

Trafficked is a book that I picked up via NetGalley. I was in the mood for some non-fiction, and the premise of this true story seemed to be one that I could read without being bored to pieces. What I found inside was the story of Sophie, and her hardships. It was moving, but didn’t come as a shock to me that a suburban woman could be trafficked. Possibly because of my anthropology background I have come to expect the worst from the human race and am not surprised by the way we treat each other.
It’s hard for me to rate this book fairly because it’s not fiction, because Sophie is a real, and not simply a character, and as people we are fully 3D. As an outsider reading her words and her story I was struck about how quickly I would lose myself in the story though. I had to keep reminding myself that she is real and not a character, that this is her reality. It’s not a love story, or a hate story. It’s a survivor story. It’s so easy for us to judge people when we aren’t in their shoes. It was easy for me to think that Sophie was a bit harsh about her views of some of her clients sexual tastes, but then I had to pull myself out of my life and move into hers.
In her situation, I would not like the men I was being forced to do these things with, even if they were not the ones forcing me. I think for Sophie it is easier for her to judge those men because they were not the monster she was living with, and the monster that probably still haunts her nightmares.

Sophie’s voice is not polished, this does not read smoothly like a novel would, but I found it hard not to read. I had to know that she was going to get out and maybe learn to live again. I knew she would get out, but I needed to get to the end. It was sometimes a tough read, but I never thought about not following through with it.

I have never been Trafficked, nor have I ever had do anything sexually against my free will. Sophie Hayes you are a brave woman, and a survivor. From reading your words I don’t think you truly believe that, but you are.
What this book does is shows the “everyman” and general public that Human Trafficking isn’t only in the third world. It happens everyday, in our own backyards, and Sophie is a person that middle class women can relate too. She is your everyday working woman, living the life of a young single professional, clubbing, having men woes, and just average.
Her story will definitely resonate to women who think it can’t and won’t happen to them. There are more dangers out there than the creepy no name, no face raper hiding behind the bushes. Sometimes those dangers have a face that is well known to us.
Sophie’s tale was one of sadness and hope, I hope that through spreading the word about Trafficking she can help more women, men, and children forced into these situations.


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Trafficked: My Story of Surviving, Escaping and Transcending Abduction into Prostitution

By Sophie Hayes | September 3 |  Sourcebooks


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