Blogging Confessions: A list of my #fail as a blogger!

December 26, 2013 Uncategorized 2

10 Reasons I am the worst blogger ever!

10: I’m inconsistent, and can’t commit to anything. I sign up for meme’s and do them maybe 3 weeks in a row, then I stop. No matter how much I want to be a consistent, reliable blogger I can’t get my shit together enough to do it.

09: I lost my edge. I tried to be too clean this year, and appeal to the masses. Which meant my reviews were neutered, sugar coated and lacked my typical fucking language.

08: I don’t pimp my shit nearly enough. I share my posts once or twice. Then I move on. It’s hard to pimp without spamming, and I don’t want to be one of those bloggers. Along those lines I manged to not introduce myself as a blogger the whole UtopYa con this summer. LOL.

07: I do too much author promotion and not enough original content. And this means reviews. It’s so much easier to cut and paste promo items, and less time consuming than reading an actual book. Don’t get me wrong I love authors, and I love helping out, but there are so many book blasts I can post without clogging up the feed with them.

06: Reading has become a chore. Yep, I admit it. It’s a chore for me anymore. I have to assign myself reading times in order to meet deadlines (that I never do). It feels like school. Which makes me rebel and not do any of it. Because I’m a fucking grown up! Damnit!

05: Squirrel.  I never edit my posts before I hit publish. Which is sometimes a bad thing because I lose focus while writing them. So they come out completely discombobulated and not making a lick of sense.

04: I return ebooks. There I said it. I return them if I don’t like them and can’t finish them. I am too poor and on such a limited budget that I can’t afford $4 for a book I won’t read.

03: Along the lines of number 4. I can’t afford giveaways and shipping.  And I am way to shy too ask authors to donate, so while other blogs throw giveaways for milestones I don’t. They always end up a stressful disaster for me. As a matter of fact 2013 was just a stressful disaster for my blogging life this year….

02: I don’t pay attention to trends.  I read what I want to read.  If it’s popular, cool, but I don’t go out and buy the next big thing book, or request it to do brag posts, or ARC reviews.  Mainly because I am too lazy to go the trouble of writing review requests. LOL. Do we see a theme here?

01: My co-bloggers do more reviews than I do. Wait that doesn’t make me lazy, but since I know they have their shit together I feel okay to let things go a little bit, but sometimes I go days without looking at my own blog…


Phew I just had to get some of that off of my chest.

*these statements reflect ME and not other bloggers. Each blogger has their own goals, aspirations, and “thing”. So what makes me a bad blogger might be the right thing for them to do. This is simply the way I view myself. It’s also meant to be lighthearted.

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  • Lindsay Galloway

    I <3 you!!! And I read and love your reviews, "neutred" or not!

  • Ren Reidy