Blood and Light by Rue Volley

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4 Stars ~ Kami’s Review

This is another book, and I will have to agree with my friend Lori here, where I am probably rooting for the wrong guy in the triangle of love. I love Josh, I dont really care all that much for Jonathan.
This was a great book! It is an interresting new twist with vampires. Odly enough I didnt think of them as vampires while reading the book until one of the characters would say the word. Vampires are my thing, and while sometimes I need to take a break from them, I always end up coming back to them in the end. I chalk this up to my childhood obsession with The Lost Boys.

I like Rue, dont get me wrong, but sometimes I really could have strangled her. Sometimes she just made me so mad and I would find her incredibly annoying. I liked reading her grow throughout the book and towards the end she really wasnt so annoying except for her obsession with Jonathan that I hated, LOL.

Jonathan – I dont hate him, I just dont like him all that much.

Sam and Kai – I really love these 2 characters, I wish that the author would give them some bigger roles in the book. We get glimpses and snippets of their charm and while that is enough to make you love them, it also leaves you wanting more. Maybe in giving them bigger roles they would kinda take over, so Im not really complaining just trying to explain what I mean.

Theodore – I just love him, LOL.

Sara – I find her very annoying, but I get her role in the story. She brings the light to the story where it is needed. While some may love her, I have never been one for the bubbly characters.
Josh – Can I please get one of him? Pretty please! I love his humor, his sarcasm, his personality, and his attitude. Really I just love him. I get the feeling that I am probably rooting for the guy who wont win the girl, but I cant help myself.

I couldnt put this book down, I was up until 4am reading and then after sleeping a few hours started right back up again until I finished it tonight. I just had to know what was going to happen next. I am reading the second book as soon as I can get it. Thanks Lori for reminding me that I had this book, I suck and forgot about it.

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