Bookish Auction for Kami’s Family Author Package #2

July 31, 2013 Kami's Auction! 26

Welcome to the auction to benefit Kami’s Family. Kami was my long time friend, and co-blogger. She passed away unexpectedly over a week ago. Since then the book community outpouring of support has been incredible. Thank you to everyone who has donated.

How this works: To bid please name your bid in the comments section below this post (please keep the comments to bids only).
The bidding ends at 8pm Saturday, August 3, we will notify the winners immediately. They will have 48 hours to get back to us. If they do not then the  package will go to the next highest bidder, and so on and so forth.

This is the Author Package #2:

Included in this package is your choice of pre-made covers (look for one without the sold) from MAE I DESIGN! <- check them out!
An example of one of these covers (not the actual cover you will be winning unless you want it)

Mae I Design

Ebook & Print Formatting provided by Kody Boye.

25% off a full book edit provided by Michelle Kampmeier Website:

Blog Tour provided by GHBT! Girls *heart* books blog tour valued at $100(14 day tour with release day blitz & cover reveal & we will customize it to the author’s needs.)

1 free beta read provided by MAI Editing.

Bidding Starts at $50! The auction will close at 8pm Saturday, August 3.
Good luck!

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  • $50 🙂

    • Ren Reidy

      you have been outbid

  • Jill Prandstatter


    • Lori Parker

      You were outbid

  • $60

  • Jill Prandstatter


    • Ren Reidy

      you’ve been outbid.

  • $70

  • Jill Prandstatter


  • $75

  • Jill Prandstatter


  • $77

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    • Ren Reidy

      You’ve been outbid. Current bid is $82

  • $82

  • Jill Prandstatter


  • Rhiannon Paille


  • Jill Prandstatter


  • Rhiannon Paille


  • Jill Prandstatter


  • Rhiannon Paille


    • Lori Parker

      This auction is closed and you are the winner. Please contact me at to claim your package and submit payment. You have 48 hours. Thank you.

  • Jill Prandstatter


  • Rhiannon Paille


  • Jill Prandstatter


    • Lori Parker

      I called the auction right around 8pm my time. If I had known you ladies had wanted it this badly I would have left it open until 9. As it is Rhiannon Paille was the highest bidder when I can on the page. Thank you for bidding.