Book Buying on a Budget!

November 29, 2014 Feature 1

You know what really stinks about the holidays? Not the Black Friday mayhem, not even the freaking SNOW. I hate snow. No, what really stinks is that my limited budget for buying books is cut even smaller because apparently my family doesn’t want books for Christmas (side note every time I buy them a book I read it first). I know, what kind of people are these? They don’t want books?

Book Budget


So here are some tips to help your family get “cool” presents, while still keeping your TBR pile at a healthy level.

FOLLOW YOUR FAVORITES: Right now there are TONS of book sales going on. ‘Tis the season for SALES. Follow your favorite authors and niche blogs.

WATCH THE LISTS: Keep an eye on the Amazon lists too. Sometimes those sale books will tear up the charts, or sometimes they are on the chart just because they are on sale. (Hey, its the truth!)

WISHLIST FOR THE WIN: Our co-blogger Elyse keeps a close watch on her Amazon wishlist and gets notified if something on it goes on sale. She’s gotten herself and us plenty of those high priced big publisher ebooks for under $2 this way.

THE LIBRARY: Lindsay would kill me if I didn’t plug your local library here. Most library’s have ebooks now, and will order books if you ask them. You never know what treasures your library may hold. Mine checks out cake pans and fine art. I had no idea! So now I can just bake my family a book shaped cake and call it a present, right?

GIFTCARDS: Ask your family for Amazon gift cards. I usually get one every year. Or I’ve heard of other people buying their own gift cards and using that as their monthly budget. It helps you balance those big ticket books and one click splurges if you know how much you can spend a month or week or however long you want to budget. You could possibly receive or buy a $25 amazon card and make that last you a few months if you.

FRIENDS IN BOOKISH PLACES: Consider doing book swaps, or asking for and gifting ebooks to your bookish friends. Of course don’t demand them from your friends, but if they ask what to get you, pick a reasonably priced book and send them the link.

RAID YOUR TBR: If you’re like me you have TONS of unread books on your shelf and ereader. Use the lean months as an excuse to knock some of those of the pile.

Happy Holidays! I hope you get lots of books!!!







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