Clarity and Reason by Rue Volley

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5 Stars ~ Kami’s Review

*Contains some spoilers*

We start off this book with Jonathan’s funeral. Rue is distraught and has basically cut everyone off. Josh is as always suffering the most from Rue’s lack of attention. He is literally starving for her affection. This is one of those times that I just want to shake Rue.

This book was amazing! After the last book I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this blew me away!

With Josh being in possession of Jonathan’s light, he took on some of Jonathan’s characteristics. Reading these parts was funny as hell. The author does such a good job of writing that you feel very much a part of the story. I can clearly picture everything that the author is writing about. I don’t feel like I am watching from sidelines like I do with some books, I feel like I am right there experiencing everything the characters are, the good, the bad, and the hilarious.

I am however getting tired of Rue constantly skipping out of reality. Whether it’s to memory, or in this books case purgatory, it is annoying. She is so hell bent on having some kind of normal life that when she is sucked into an alternate reality she is all too ready for it to be real and forgets about everyone else who matters to her just so she can play “normal”. She needs to grow up and accept who and what she is; otherwise she will never truly be happy.

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a Threesome!!! Yes you read that right, and it was HOT! Not erotica hot, but hot none the less. I wont say who, but you will not be dissappointed.

We find out that Jonathan has some demon in him thanks to Caine doing the nasty with a demon in possession of a human. This same demon is now trying to kill the Creator who is believed to have been born on the same night as Jonathan. Since Jonathan was never meant to be it created a ‘ripple’ of sorts enabling the Creator to be born into the world of the living.

I found this book to be a little confusing. With Rue constantly skipping in and out of reality it is hard sometimes to know if you are reading in real time or in some twisted version of life that Rue has conjured.  The end of the book was the most confusing for me. After Rue accepts that she must kill Jonathan, she has to go back in time and kill him when she first meets him in the Library. I don’t get why this has to happen. Anyway, after some more confusing reality trips we are brought back to the final battle part, same place, and the same people. In the end Jonathan is alive and okay. I don’t understand this at all.

The Author has come a long way since the first book, less grammatical errors and just better writing in general. This is a highly addictive series and I recommend it to everyone.

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