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Colioquy is hosting their first Reading Challenge this summer and this is your chance to participate! If you are not familiar with this publisher, you can find out more about them and see a list of their titles here:

The challenge will run between July 7 – August 31, and you can follow along on the Summer Reading Goodreads page and on Twitter using the hashtag #SummerReading. The challenge will be a point based system and depending on how you participate (i.e. blogger and/or reader), you will be eligible to receive FREE Coliloquy titles and win lots of cool prizes.  The more you do, the more you receive. And you get to have fun reading while doing it!

To kickstart the reading challenge, Coliloquy has dropped the price of several titles. Just for the summer the following books will be offered for FREE across various platforms : King Solomon’s Wives: HuntedTotlandia: Book 1,  Witch’s Brew,  Spellspinners 1, and Georgetown Academy, Book 1. Additionally,Dead Letter Office, Parish Mail 1 and The Great Panty Caper are both available for FREE on Wattpad.

Also, for the new adult fans, Coliloquy is offering an EXCLUSIVE discounted price ($4.99) for Game. Set. Match. a sporty summer romance that has taken fans by storm! Click on the link below and enter promo code: GSM Summer Reading for this amazing promotional price!



  • JOIN- Click on the link to the GoodReads page to join. This page will have updated information about the challenge, a list of participating blogs, eligible titles, discussions and fun challenge questions.(10 points)

  • READ & REVIEW– For each eligible title you read and review on Amazon, you will receive (25 points). Additional points are available (10 each) for cross-posting reviews on Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and a personal blog.

    • If you review a bundle, the  point value will be as follows:

      • Totlandia- 100 points

      • Spellspinners- 75 points

      • Georgetown Academy- 100 points

      • Getting Dumped (+) Great Panty Caper- 75 points

      • King Solomon Wives- 75 points


  • SOCIAL MEDIA– If you are like us and love social media, you can participate on these outlets as well:

    • TWITTER- You can receive up to (10 points) over the summer for tweeting about the challenge (1 tweet = 1 point). Here are some example tweets to use:

      • Join the #SummerReading Challenge with @Coliloquy

      • The #SummerReading Challenge @Colilquy is starting now! (add link to your blog post)

      • I’m reading (name of book) for @Coliloquy’s #SummerReading Challenge.

      • Have you heard about @Coliloquy’s #SummerReading Challenge yet? (add link to your blog post)

      • Discover a new read through @Coliloquy’s #SummerReading Challenge! (add link to your blog post)

      • Read. Review. Win. Join @Coliloquy’s #SummerReading Challenge! (add link to your blog post)


    • INSTAGRAM- Take a picture of yourself reading a Coliloquy title in your favorite summer reading spot and hashtag it #Summer #Reading #Coliloquy. (10 points)

  • COMMENT– Comment on challenge posts / reviews from the different participating bloggers (max 10 points per week- 2 points per comment). The list of bloggers can be found on the GR page.

  • REFER A FRIEND–  if you are having fun, invite a friend to join! (25 points) after friend has joined and read/reviewed at least 1 title).



  • Once you reach 100 points, you can cash in your points or you can wait to redeem your prizes at the end of the challenge. All tracking spreadsheets must be turned in by September 7, 2014.

    • 100 points = 1 free Coliloquy title of your choice:

    • 250 points= a 2nd free Coliloquy title of your choice.

    • For each additional 50 points after 250 (up to 500 / 5 entries), you will receive 1 entry into main giveaway. Giveaway includes: (1) Coliloquy Beach Swag Bag (includes: beach bag, silly sunglasses, Coliloquy swag & $10.00 Amazon gift card.



1. Click on the link to access the tracking spreadsheet:

2. Click File–>Download as an Excel file and save to your computer.

3. Use the google doc to track your progress. When you are ready to redeem your points, you can send the completed spreadsheet to


If you are interested in taking part in the challenge, please click HERE to join. Once you join, you  will be able to review specific details outlining the challenge details, prizes, tracking system and much more!  You can also follow along on Twitter by using the hashtag #SummerReading.

I have had the pleasure to read several of the Coliloquy titles and have enjoyed them all! Feel free to check out my review of Witch’s Brew (Spellspinners #1), The Parish Mail series, and Georgetown Academy (Season 1). I am dying to get my hands on King Solomon’s Wives!!

Check out the eligible titles below:

Game. Set. Match. by Jennifer Iacopelli:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Parish Mail #1: Dead Letter Office by Kira Snyder:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Parish Mail #2: Post Mortem by Kira Snyder:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Season’s Greetings, a Parish Mail short story by Kira Snyder:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Spellspinner’s of Melas County #1: Witch’s Brew by Heidi R Kling:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Spellspinner’s of Melas County #2: The Gleaning by Heidi R Kling:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Spellspinner’s of Melas County #3: Devil’s Frost by Heidi R Kling:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Georgetown Academy book 1 by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Georgetown Academy book 2 by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Georgetown Academy book 3 by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Georgetown Academy book 4 by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Getting Dumped by Tawna Fenske:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Getting Dumped: The Great Panty Caper by Tawna Fenske:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Totlandia book 1 by Josie Brown:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Totlandia book 2 by Josie Brown:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Totlandia book 3 by Josie Brown:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Totlandia book 4 by Josie Brown:Goodreads |Coliloquy

King Solomon’s Wives: Hunted by Holly McDowell:Goodreads |Coliloquy

King Solomon’s Wives: Addicted by Holly McDowell:Goodreads |Coliloquy

King Solomon’s Wives: Sacrificed by Holly McDowell:Goodreads |Coliloquy


Totlandia bundle:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Spellspinner’s Bundle:Goodreads |Coliloquy

Georgetown Academy Season 1:Goodreads |Coliloquy

King Solomon’s Wives Bundle:Goodreads |Coliloquy

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