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July 9, 2013 general update, Hot, Uncategorized 3

buttonIf you follow me on facebook then you saw my panic upon coming home from work and finding out my blog was gone. Completely and totally gone. (Okay, so that’s a little dramatic.) But to the public and for all intents it was not gone.

And honestly, I thought I was safe. It’s not like I cared enough about Bloggers TOS to read every single bit of it. But come on, I am small fries. Literally no one has heard of this blog.

I got the recent email stating that there would be a change in their services, but I do not advertise for porn, and the way I understood it, that is what they were going after.

Screenshot (29)


Yeah. Contagious Reads doesn’t have advertisements that are adult in nature. At all. The only thing I post are affiliate links for my Amazon account.

And there you have it kids. We were taken down because of those links. I followed the LAW on how to post the links, warning my readers that I was making some $$ off of their purchases, but the law and Bloggers TOS are two different things.

My blog got marked as spam. I had to wait to get it back, and as soon I as I did I backed it up. If you are on Blogger and have not backed up. Do it now. And don’t be lazy like me, do it frequently.

It’s so easy. Just go to your blogger dashboard (for whichever blog you want to back up). Go to settings -> other -> right at the top of your page is the header BLOG TOOLS. Under that you will see several links. Click the one that says ‘export blog’.

So now I am sitting here on my shiny new blog.

I’m lucky. Others are still without their blogs, or trying to make the switch. They are waiting, and struggling. Parajunkee (who is a goddess) made the switch for me. She said it took her under two hours. She was also able to move every single post and comment without too much of a problem. I love her, and I owe her servitude.

Making the move to a self-hosted WP blog may not be in your budget. If it’s not then save up for it!

Web hosting through Go Daddy– $36 for the year. This is the cheapest they offer. You get a free domain name if you don’t already have one. If you do have one through Go Daddy no worries it’s a simple transfer.

I also bought my theme through Elegant Themes – $89 for the year. You can get it as low as $39 but it’s more limited.

So it wasn’t cheap. But at the end of the day I still have all of my hard work. I OWN all of my hard work.

Not to mention WP has all sorts of amazing plug – ins that we can use!!!!

So excited to start this new chapter of our blog.




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  • We’re new Word press buddies together =)

    I’ve seen the trouble everyone has been having, and I was so sick of trying to keep up with updating a separate blog and website, that I went ahead and upgraded to WP too.

    For anyone else thinking of doing it, try looking at themify me, I got my theme for $27.

    I only wish it had taken me 2 hours instead of 2 days.

    • ContagiousReads

      Well I wish I could claim that I did it. Actually no I don’t. Well I wish I had known about that. A lot of people are switching to WP now that Blogger went on their rampage. Parajunkee will be posting about it tomorrow on her BB101 post.

      • I saw Jane from Dear Author tweet about them the other day, and the name was catchy so I remembered =)