ContagiousReads VLOG #1

August 6, 2012 Uncategorized 3

Here it is my first. VLOG. Ugh so I look hideous and my webcam is crappy. Also I ramble. A lot and say that Kody Boye has a weird last name? Ugh…what? So Sorry to Kody. I have no idea if I say your last name right and I’m sorry for saying it’s wierd.

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  • You said my last name right! 🙂 Just like ‘boy,’ but with an E at the end. I’ve tried to figure out its origin and I’ve come up with Danish, Scottish, etc., but my family is of German/Sweedish/English descent, hehe.

    And no worries about saying it’s weird! Everyone calls me Boyd, Boyce, and Boyle (especially after Susan Boyle got big, haha.)


    • Phew…thanks for being so understanding. LOL. I’m horrible with names anyway. Even the really easy ones throw me.

  • I love it! your daughter is so adorable! she reminds me of my baby cousin