Contagium Trilogy Update

May 20, 2012 lady writers, zombies 5

As you can tell from Kami and I’s gushing review of Emily Goodwin’s book Contagious we are hooked on this series. Big News: Both Kami and I got the oppurtunity to be Beta readers for book 2 Deathly Contagious!!!! Awesomesauce right?!?! We know all the dirty details! I will be posting our thoughts on the book very very soon. I can’t promise it will be completely spoiler free though. There is one very BIG question that is on everyone’s mind…HAYDEN is he OK? But it is not time to tell yet!!! Just a few short weeks until you can know the answer!!!

Teaser review:
If you loved the first book then YOU HAVE TO read this book. It only gets better. Ms. Goodwin packed this book FULL of action. The characters all develop tremendously and we get to see more backstories on almost every character. AND I MEAN EVERY CHARACTER! I know! Not possible! I left the first book feeling like I knew Orissa and Hayden in real life. Orissa grows a great deal in this book.
We even get to know a little more about my favorite cooky doctor. Dr. Cara is my favorite B character. I love her! While we don’t know anymore of her backstory we do get to see some more personal sides to her.
Hated Fuller? Prepared to feel different about him? Prepared to hate him more?
Now to you, the reader’s favorite doctor, Padriac…he gets more ‘screen’ time. Orissa spends less time avoiding him and more time with him….hmmm let that stew in your little brains. Am I being cruel? I hope I am.
We get to follow Orissa on missions. We get to see her at ‘home’.
This book matures and the subject matter matures more. It clearly settles itself into a YA-Mature book.
Ms. Goodwin wrote another fantastic novel. She even had to cut this one short because it is so jam packed full of information, action and people drama!!! I cannot wait until the 3rd book comes out!!!!
PS I know some people read the reviews of Ms. Goodwins books at amazon. There seems to be some slander and hatin’ goin on. Throughout my brief interactions with her while beta reading this she was nothing but kind and professional!!! Really it was a treat to read her book and interact with her!

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  • I was also a beta reader for this book and it was all this and more..I can not wait for everyone to read it so I don’t have to hold everything in anymore. 🙂

  • I know. I want to talk openly about it too but I also don’t want to give away spoilers. I’m lucky that my best friend Kami got to be a beta too so I have someone to talk about it with.

  • i have like nobody too talk about it with…my mind is like exploding with things i wanna tell my friend but she gets mad when i spoil things for her 🙂

  • I know I keep trying to think about how to write a spoiler free review and I can’t. Everyone has one big question from the last book and there is no way to write a review without giving it away! At least the wait is almost over!!!

  • yes i know everyone keeps asking me! its hard not to just spill it to them. Cant wait for everyone to read it!