Cover Reveal: Feral: A Love Story

September 25, 2013 cover reveal 1



Life sucks. Alone, in dark places, somehow hope always seems to find a way through. But some people let the darkness eat hope.

Jordan has never had much hope, but she continues to live her life. She thinks if she can just make it through this day, this week, this month that something will happen to restore her. To erase her past filled with neglect, pain, shadows, and darkness.

Brent has always taken hope for granted. His life was perfect. Until his mother decided to be a helping hand and take in a broken girl. Instead of accepting her, Brent resented the girl. He strove to break her further and he almost succeeded.

When they grew up and went their separate ways, his guilt lingered, but was easily ignored.

When their lives collide again they find neither is the person they used to be. They collide in ways they never would have expected. Do they let each other go, or does their passion burn bright, consuming them in the process.

The cover was done by the super amazing Staci Hart from Red Pen Kisses! Go give her facebook page a like! Because she fucking rocks!

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The song that inspires me to write everytime I hear it! Ride-by Lana Del Rey

Thank you everyone, for their continued support of me and this blog! I love you all.


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  • Emily Goodwin

    So excited to start beta-ing this! I love the cover!