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I’ve seen a lot of posts about the covers that we all know are bad, and while those posts are funny to read, I thought I would do something different and highlight the covers that I absolutely love!!!

The Re-Vamp


Sure the original cover for Marrow wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t THIS!!!

The first cover that Tarryn released looked slightly like a horror/PNR book cover. Marrow Tarryn Fisher

It was cool, but it didn’t capture the dark beauty that is contained within the pages of the book. And Marrow was definitely dark, and was definitely beautiful. Marrow is complicated because it’s complex. Nothing and everything makes sense. Things are black, and white and gray. It’s definitely a book you have to read .

I don’t know if I fell in love with the cover before or after I read the book, but reading the book definitely highlights all the things that are right about the cover.

What I don’t like about the Re-Vamp cover: Stylistically I prefer fonts that aren’t all lower case. It’s fine in the lower hierarchy font, but I like the look of strong, all caps fonts for titles. Also I am not a  fan of drop shadows. Again, this is just my personal preference. The cover is gorgeous, and I am super envious of the designers talent.

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The Queen of YA



That tagline. The blood. The super-strong-all-caps-font. The Red. It’s a statement cover. It’s a little gaudy with it’s blood and baubles but it works. It definitely stands out. Red Queen is probably my first true YA read in a very, very long time and it was SO refreshing to return to the age group. The beginning is a bit slow. But I think ultimately it’s just good, classic YA. I loved it so much I’ve read it twice!

What I don’t like:  I sort of hate the blue/green/whateverthatcoloris background. I get it, it’s supposed to be the Red/Silvers thing? I think I’d rather have it on an all white background. But who knows, that might look flat and boring.

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Please Remain Calm

Do you even read Courtney Summers, bro? If you’re going to judge your bookish friends by their tastes in books you can’t go wrong by having Courtney be one of the pillars of awesome fiction. She’s been an auto-buy author of mine for years, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. What she writes is real and gritty. And I think the cover for the novella Please Remain Calm is all of those things. I loved This is Not a Test, so when she announced there would be a sequel of sorts I was over the moon. And it was a good ending to the story.

The hand, the blood, and the font all nail home that this is horror. Which is a triple yes for me!

What I didn’t like about the cover: Two words. A NOVELLA!

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  • Michelle

    I love the covers for Marrow and Red Queen! It’s rare that I buy books based on their covers but if I did I’d grab these two.