#CRHC Spotlight: Michelle Kilmer

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#CRHC Spotlight: Michelle KilmerWhen The Dead... by Michelle Kilmer
on November 25th 2012
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Have you ever wondered what might happen if a group of survivors decided to stay put? To never leave the safety of home to search for salvation? When the Dead . . . provides one scenario to answer the question. In a world where neighbors are strangers and we live behind locked doors, the living dead can really bring issues to a head.

There is no way out for the residents of Willow Brook Apartments. Outside a plague is spreading while behind the walls, neighbors are forced to become friends . . . or enemies. When the Dead . . . will introduce you to a doomed family, a dying child, an egomaniac, a murderer, and other undesirables (including the undead!!) in three floors of secured-access chaos.


MichelleKilmerAUTHOR BIO

Michelle Kilmer is a zombie and horror enthusiast. When she is not writing, she is the co-owner/designer for KILMERHANSEN, a business branding and web design company. Her hobbies include hiking and camping, playing guitar, sewing, dressing up in “full gore” to attend zombie-related events, writing and gaming.

She lives in a secured-access building that is uncomfortably close to a cemetery, two hospitals and a police station. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, it’s a terrible defense location. She daydreams about owning a Pomeranian to forget this reality.

After many adventures, she currently lives in Seattle, WA with her husband, a machete and a fear of the dark.


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