Crimson Groves by Ashley Robertson

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4 Stars ~Kami’s Review

Goodreads blurb – Abigail Tate was a normal human girl. Until the day Bronx the vampire barges into her life and turns her against her will. Held captive while forced to deal with never ending cravings for blood, Abby prays for a way to escape. Only when an opportunity arises, it’s with the aid of an innocent human named Tyler–except vampires are forbidden to interact with the unbitten. But Abby quickly learns this human has secrets of his own…secrets that can either help her or get her killed. Only Abby discovers that she was the one with the biggest secret of them all.

We start off with our MC Abby. She is going through a pretty dark time in her life. Found her boyfriend screwing her best friend six months ago, hates her job, her daddy left her when she was little, her mother accused her of being the reason her daddy left her, she is very sad and lonely. While at work one night she meets handsome Bronx who does a little vampire hypnosis on her and brings her back to his house. He then forcefully changes her into a vampire against her will. Try as he will, he simply cannot make her love him.

After being confined to the house for a month, Bronx finally takes her out to a night club. While there he tries to force himself on her and is stopped by the Enforcers. While he is cooling off and getting himself under control Abby meets Tyler, a human, who shares with her his vision that he is helping her escape from Bronx and that she can trust him. When a fight breaks out they make their escape.

After contacting a blood donor who is a friend of Abby’s she gets a list of clubs and bars that cater to vampires and have blood donors on hand. At one of these places she meets Stone. Stone is a vampire with the ability to learn about a person by drinking their blood. He is an Enforcer but is not turning her over to Bronx or the High Council. With Stone’s help she is able control a new found abilty and use it when necessary. I have to admit here that Abby having Pyrokinetic abilities and getting a heartbeat while using that ability reminds me an awful lot of Cat in Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress Series. However, this book is nothing like that series, nor is the MC anything like Cat, so it does not hurt my impression of this book at all.

What follows is Abby learning more about herself and Tyler, all the while fighting her feelings for him. Tyler claims to have fallen in love with her months ago just from his visions of her. Once Abby feels stong enough to take on Bronx she leaves both Tyler and Stone in search of Bronx so she can finally kill him and be free. Of course nothing is that simple. Broken promises, deception, and betrayal soon follow Abby. We learn more about Abby’s past, and just what her future may or may not hold.

I liked Abby a lot more than I liked the MC from Ms. Robertson’s other book UnGuarded. Abby is tough and spunky. She knows when to hold her tongue and when to lash out. I liked that about her. I have no idea why but this is the 2nd book I have read of Ms. Robertson’s that I do not like what is perceived as the main love interest of our MC. I do not like Tyler! Not at all! In fact I was rooting for Abby to kill him! I really wanted her to rip his throat or drain him dry! I like Stone. I am Team Stone. LOL I tried to like Tyler, I really did, but I just cant do it.

At the end of the book we get a little excerpt from the 2nd book in this series Crimson Rain. I cant wait for the next book! I am so glad that I found this Author, or I should say she found us. Great books, highly recommended reading material here! Ashley you have a lifetime fan here!

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  • Here’s an excerpt from Crimson Groves:
    I was going to look twenty-one forever. I knew plenty of people that would pay big money for that. I had to pay for it with my soul.

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