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5 Stars

This book starts after Caleb is arrested for using his zombies as weapons, he got off with probation. Dealing with all the problems of his trial and the tension it causes all those he loves is not the only problems he and his crew are facing this book. The greysheets are doing their best to take him out, but they are not going at it too his face like they have before, this time it is much more sneaky and deadly to those he loves. His heart is in jeapordy as well. There is only so much Caleb can take before he loses it completely.

You would think being 27 and a mother of 3 would make a book like this seem too juvenile, but its really not. These kids face challenges and trials daily that most adults couldnt handle. The humor and attitudes of these kids are what I love most. I have never laughed as much reading a book as I do reading the books in this series. These kids crack me up. I make sure I read these books when I am alone or with family who dont care that I am crying cuz I am laughing so hard over a book.

I do recommend that you read Tamara’s Savage series otherwise you might not understand completly a few parts of the book where the kids do some travelling to another parallel world. The world is very unique with the different species of humans you will read about. You will grasp the concept of course, so dont worry there, but for full understanding read the other series too.

As always Tamara’s writing is excellent, I dont even remember finding a spelling mistake which I almost always notice while reading. The way she has weaved these two worlds together(from 2 of her book series) is amazing. She pulled off what many could not. Tamara you rock!!

I tend to ramble a lot and bounce around a bit so bear with me. There was no shortage of action, humor, mystery, and love in this book so no disappointment there. Gale and Clydes relationship is one of a kind, and I love reading about the attraction and love these 2 feel for eachother.
****SPOILER****I cried when Clyde ‘died’ again. I am a baby I know. I really hope he comes back to ‘life’ in the next book.****END SPOILER****

Poor Jade has more struggles going into this book. After all that girl has gone through I had hoped she would get some downtime to renew herself, but we may have to wait for the next book for that. There was a time in this book that I did not like her. I know she wasnt herself due to what the greysheets were doing, so I tried to cut her some slack, LOL.

We have all the old enemies do deal with, plus some new ones. A lot of lingering questions were explained in this book, and yet we are still left with tons question for the next book. Then we have those who we are not quite sure if we can trust, like Brett. After the life transference that happened with Brett and Jade in the last book, we all wondered how that would effect them, lets just say more than we could have guessed. Brett while nicer, and less of a douch in this book, is still a jerk IMO. ****SPOILER****I was sad that he died, however it was a necessary death otherwise Jade would not be able to be herself again, and her and Caleb would not be able to be together.****END SPOILER****
 Then there is Parker. He was a bad guy, then kinda a good guy helping out, then bad, then okay, but this book clears all that up. And we get yet another startling revelation about who he really is.

The only thing that I disliked about this book was that
****SPOILER****the Zondorae brother and Howie were not killed when they had the chance. Yes letting the brothers live the 1st time turned out to be both a good and a bad thing since they needed their blood to cure everyone, but after all the awful things they did in the Savage world they really should have been killed, they are too dangerous to let live as was proven since they kidnapped Parker and got Brett killed, and Clyde back to ‘dead’ zombie status. Then Howie, this guy is way to dangerous to let live, not just to the crew, but to everyone! I am sure they serve a purpose in the next books, but I hate them so much I wanted them dead now. *sigh* ****END SPOILER****
Would I recommend this book? Absolutly! To everyone of all ages!
Will I read this book again? Oh yes I will
Will I read the next book in series? Yes! I cant wait!

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