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5 Stars
Oh lordy how do I write a review for this without giving too much away. I was lucky and happened to be a beta reader for this book. This was so much fun, I would love to do it again.

Contagious ended with dear Hayden getting shot. It was awful and I was terribly worried that he was going to die. I will note how much I hate books ending with huge cliffhangers like that. It is not necessary to leave us hanging like this just to get us to read the next book.

Anyway back to Deathly Contagious
This book was not as fast paced as the first book, but that isnt a bad thing. This book filled in a lot of holes. The author was worried about that being just a filler book, and while I feel that yes it is a filler, it is also necessary and written so well that we are not bored with it. Relationships expand, questions are answered, and we fall more in love with the characters. I feel attatched to these characters and love all of them. That is talent. Any author can make you hate characters, it takes real talent for an author to make you love them.

Orissa must go off on a mission without her beloved Hayden. She is heartbroken. The mission is to gather medical supplies that the compound needs. The flu is slowly making its rounds and Padraic is swamped. Working with a team that she has never worked with is hard enough, but being without Hayden is doubly hard. Orissa being the bad ass she is, puts hers life on the line to save the others. She told them to wait 20 minutes for her and if she wasnt back to leave. Alex being a big douch bag, didnt wait for her and they left her there to fend for herself.

Suffering from blood poisoning she happens to stagger onto the porch of a house with living people inside. They take her into their home and care for her. She is extremely sick but even she notices that something is off about this ‘giving’ familiy. The helpful family turns out to be of the ‘repopulate the earth club’, and think it is their duty to impregnate every woman they see by force if necessary. After days of recuperation and some clever upchuck reflexes, Orissa manages to excape with another unwilling woman, Olivia, who was also being held against her will.

After a very eventful trip, they manage to make it back to the safety of the compound. I am going to skip ahead a bit since I dont want to give too much away.

Orissa ends up going out on yet another mission where they have to deal with not only zombies, but tornados, and unexplained deadlands where a bomb seems to have went off. This bothers them and to Orissa it still feels like Fuller is hiding something from everyone. The stumble upon the site of a real quarantine that was unfortunately overun by zombies. They also come upon some greenhouses that are being used and maintained by someone, but they cant find anyone around. They gather some fresh fruit and boxes of seeds to take back to the compound. On the way home they find a rather large group of survivors who are struggling to survive and take them back to the compound with them.

After returning to the compound tragedy strikes, and battle and chaos ensues. A while later Orissa’s team sets out on a search and rescue mission while also advised to take out any herds they might run into and take note of the state the world is in. They come upon a prison and realize very soon that these are also they guys who shot Hayden. They thought they had taken them all out but they were wrong. Deciding as a team to take revenge for them shooting Hayden they approach the prison unnoticed, or so they think. The book ends with a possible kidnapping and a possible death. We will have to wait till the next book comes out to find out what happens next.

This book was great! I loved every minute of it, and I can’t wait to read the next one.

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