Deconstructing Infatuation by Merce Cardus

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What is infatuation?

A initial convulsion based on ignorance?

—Lack of trust, loyalty, commitment, and reciprocity?

What was it about you that made you fall for someone?

—A biological impulse? Loneliness? Crisis? Boring life? Innocence?

Are the need to know who’s the other, to be ourselves?

Why is it harsh to believe completely in ourselves sometimes, and through the crystallization process (1) we entirely surrender to believe in others exaggerating the qualities of the beloved object?

When does the dimension of reality enter the game?

What can we learn about it?

(1) It is a process developed by French writer Stendhal, who stated ‘What I call crystallization is the operation of the mind that draws from all that presents itself the discovery that the loved object has some new perfections.’

Sometimes, whether you’re single or with a significant one,
somebody appears in your life unexpectedly.
We feel the need to know who this person is,
the need to know exactly who this person is.

A story may offer different interpretations, even with several irreconcilable and contradictory meanings. As in Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta’s story in Dante’s Divine Comedy, this story is not about unfaithfulness either. This story is about infatuation: what burns inside of oneself when we let ourselves fall madly for someone.

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