Deep Breathes

August 27, 2012 Uncategorized 5

I’ve been thinking. Mostly bad bad thoughts….It was all brought on by this Post by fiktshun.
Actually that and some comments made by a person looking at my blog and a facebook convo I had with a fellow blogger about reading funks. To be honest with you. I have been feeling super overwhelmed. When I feel overwhelmed I shut down. Seriously, I just stop. I don’t want to do that to you guys and gals. I don’t want to suddenly drop off the face of the blog universe. Why? Well because I like you peeps. I like you a lot. The month of August has been hell on my reading schedule and on this blog. I decided I could do 3 beta projects, fulfill part of the application to be an intern at Spencer Hill Publishing (I didn’t get it) and go on vacation all within a two week time period. Needless to say…it was impossible and I am still working on one of the beta projects. I stressed myself out so bad that I spent days on end with massive headaches. I just can’t do that anymore. This is supposed to be fun. But I was pushing myself to try be a big name in blogging. Really though…I don’t think I am big time blog material. I am way too blunt and obviously cater to indies and LOVE my authors so much that I will drop anything for them. Not that those ladies and gents don’t do that. But they also review a lot more mainstream books than I do.
For now….
I am going to stop taking review requests (not like I get a ton…but I do get some). I don’t know if Kami is still accepting them but it wouldn’t hurt to try her. I’ve had some awesome experiences with book requests but I feel like I am failing the author if I can’t get the book read in a week, two weeks, a month…(I’m pretty sure that is what my waiting period is right now). It’s unfair to the authors when they probably don’t have to wait that long for an established and bigger blog to read their book. I don’t ever want an author to have a bad experience here. EVER.

Before you panic…I will always make time for some very special authors….they should know who they are. If you are unsure facebook message me and I will put you at ease. 😀

I’m going to focus on reading my massive to be read pile and my beta projects. I am going to stop signing up for every bleeding blog tour that BB gets. (BB= the Bookish Brunette, I don’t know if you guys pay attention to all the buttons over here ————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
you should…great blogs and authors over there. I have some up coming blog tours and most of them are through Bookish Brunettes Blog Tours. Yep, I’m one of her tour hosts…shhhayywin). I need to sign up for tours that I realistically have time for. I don’t have time to read every single book in the world (which makes me want to cry like a baby). Due to my daycare income being unreliable (apparently paying me is occasionally optional? I guess?), and decreasing hours (schools back in = less hours) I have to pick up more hours at my other job. Yay :(. Which means less snuggle time with Maria and less reading time. It also means the budget I have for books, giveaways and this blog is going bye bye. (No worries I’m still having the huge bash in October). However, I had some big plans for us. I was hoping to buy a sweet premade template for the blog from Parajunkee. I wanted to get a domain name. I wanted to expand and expand and expand. I’m like the Brain…I was planning on taking over the blogging world. LOL. However after some deep thought I have decided. That I don’t need all of that.

I’ve realized that I am ok with being a tiny baby blog. I don’t need 600+ followers, and a million page views to make me a happy blogger. I’ve made some awesome friendships, and have some great new book pals. I love doing this. I really do. I love sharing my love of books with you all. I hope that I entertain you and inspire you to read books that you might not have given a chance before. Anyway, I hope I made a point here. I think I did. Who knows it’s 230 am. Happy trails…and sunshine snails… or something. Here’s a unicorn and a taco….

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  • Love ya Lori! You Rock no matter what and the authors love you back! Take it slow and don’t forget to have fun. I know reviewing can get overwhelming, take a vacay! <3 you and your blog no matter what 🙂

    • <3 ya too. Thank you so much. I'm just going to just do fun stuff now.

  • I’ve seen so many bloggers go through much the same stress and pressure that is on you. Don’t let this become a job! You’re right: it’s supposed to be fun! That’s why you started the blog in the first place!
    I second Alexia. You rock! And it’s not just the author’s that love you! 🙂

    • I know we have a great group of fans. I would rather have you ladies follow us that 600+ people that only follow us and never read the blog. 😀 I love you back too. I am going to start reading for fun. Thank you so much. You and Alexia have really made my day much better.

  • Would love to read this