Do Hotel Maids Walk in on People Doing it?

September 5, 2013 Tales of a Hotel Maid 0


So a few months ago I started talking about my tales of working as a hotel maid in my college days. I did two posts and then like all things in my life lost interest. LOL. So today I was just going through my blog and decided to see how people were finding my blog. And lo and behold people were finding it by searching for such burning questions like, Do hotel maids walk in on people doing it? I want to be honest with you. More than likely the answer to that question is YES. However, I have not. THANK GOODNESS!!! But I have been in rooms that were being fully utilized. Listen, you know a sex room as soon as you walk in to it. And people do little to hide it. From leaving toys laying out, lube, and the worst used condoms. The ultimate worst were the bloody, poop covered condoms. Gross. And sex smells, it really does. So you know when the guests are doing it. So even if we don’t walk in on you doing it, we do know about it. And being slightly phobic of bodily fluids it was always fun knowing that I was touching (with gloves on) fresh sex juices. Yay!

Another interesting question I found that people were looking for is, Do hotel maids poop in the guest rooms? The answer is YES. I never did. And that’s the truth, but my fellow housekeepers were known to drop a deuce a few times. Again, I want to restate, our hotel was not the norm, and we were not typical housekeepers. We were college students. We were hung over most weekends, we were young and living life. So do I think a grown adult maid would poop in your hotel bathroom. More than likely not. Unless they had the flu. Then they might have to. But most hotels have staff restrooms, so unless it’s an emergency it’s not really necessary.

Any other burning questions? Throw them at me. I love reliving my college days.

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