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I am in a awe of Tammara Webber right now! This book is labeled as Mature YA. Yes there are some very mature situations in this book, but right now I just want to have my nieces read this book and they are 13 and 14. The author tackled an issue that is unfortunately all to often swept under the rug, or society turns the tables and blames the victim.
Rapethe unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse. Any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.

I dont care if someone dresses like a two bit hooker on Hollywood Blvd, if they say NO, and still have sex forced on them, it is not the victims fault. This goes for both men and women, yes men can be raped too.
I could keep ranting about this very personal subject, but if I dont stop now this will no longer be a book review.

This book starts right off with an attempted rape against our MC Jacqueline. Jacqueline was attending a party with her roomate Erin, not wanting to be at the party to begin with she decides to leave early. As she is unlocking her car she is attacked by her ex boyfriends frat brother. Had it not been for impeccable timing on Lucas’s behalf, the rape would not have been stopped.

Jacqueline goes from never noticing Lucas at all, to seeing him all over the place. What follows is a true love story folks. None of that insta-love nonesense. These two are attracted to each other and slowly begin to fall for one another. After her ex Kennedy broke up with her three weeks ago so he could, and I quote “screw other girls without feeling guilty about it”, she didnt think she would be falling for anyone anytime soon. Lucas is not the only man in her life though. Jacqueline is trading emails with her econ tutor Landon, whom she has never met, but feels attracted too.

Meanwhile her attacker Buck, decides that he is not going to be thwarted so easily and accosts Jacqueline in the stairwell of her dorm. Luckily with some quick thinking on her part she is able to make him leave. Buck starts some some rumors about him and her and her roomate Erin asks her about them. Jacqueline ends up telling her everything that has happened with Buck. Erin is awsome, I seriously LOVE her! Erin signs up Jacqueline and herself for self defense classes. Guess who happens to help teach these defense classes? Thats right Lucas… <3 Come to find out Landon is Lucas and since he is a tutor their ‘seeing’ each other is not technically allowed. Jacqueline does not tell Lucas that she knows of his duplicity, she is waiting for him to tell her. After visiting him at his house they run into their econ teacher. Lucas tells her they are over so she wont get any fallout from this. After another party Erin and Jacqueline nurse their hangovers the next day. Erin leaves for a sorority meeting only to return with a sobbing girl named Mindi who they saw dancing with Buck at the party the night before. Turns out Buck took her upstairs and raped her. Jacqueline dont know what to do so she calls Lucas and he comes right over. They go to the hospital to get Mindi checked out. Both girls decide to press charged against Buck. Meanwhile her ex Kennedy and some of Bucks other frat brothers are trying to pressure Mindi to drop charges to save face for the sorority. Erin sets up a meeting with her sister sorority to discuss going against the boys sorority and support Mindi and Jacqueline. Some of the girls are just cruel telling her that she really dont have a case after all she was drunk and went upstairs willingly with Buck and afterall she isnt a virgin so she shouldnt press charges. The president of the sorority stands up to all the BITCHES and tells them a story from her high school days of an ex boyfriend raping her. When all is said and done the girls stick up for one another and tell the boys sorority to go fuck themselves. Jacqueline and Lucas resume ‘seeing’ each other. She is worried that he wont tell her what was so upsetting about his childhood so she ends up googling his mother and finding out more than she had bargained for. I would like to point out that this is a great example of someone coming from a bad childhood and traumatic experiences and doing something great with his life (unlike a certain Christian Grey who uses his traumatic childhood as an excuse to beat women). Lucas’s story is touching and heartbreaking. When Jacqueline finally tells Lucas that she knows about his past he tells her to leave. As she is getting into her car she is attacked again by Buck. Will what she learned in her self defense class help her to get away this time? Will Lucas hear the commotion and come out and help? Will he forgive her for not respecting his privacy? Will they get their happlily ever after? Read it and you will see….

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