Fifty Shades Darker

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Kami’s Review
2 Stars
Oh where to start. Christian was considerably more domineering and controling in this book than he was in the last book. Having Ana followed, buying the company she works for, and making sure she is not allowed to go out of town on a business trip no matter how much she really wanted to go. I wanted to punch him in the face a lot in this book.

Quote from last book:
Ana “Are you a Sadist?”
Christian “I am a dominant.”

Well surprise surprise, he admits to finally being a sadist in this book. I however was not surprised by this.

While Ana stood up to him a little more in this book, she is still weak and annoying. I still dont like her. I really did try, but I just cant.

I generally enjoy a good erotic novel. I dont know why, but something about these books where there is literally sex on every other god damn page, is really annoying to me.

So we get a perverted boss, a psycho ex, and the crazy pedophile Mrs. Robinson to deal with in this book. I missed the emails between the two. Yes there were some, but they werent quite up to what they were in the last book. Ana and Christian built a lot on their relationship in this book and they came a long way, however they still have a long way to go.

Off to read the last book, then I think I need to read a good zombie book to get this crap out of my head.      

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