Flash Review: Revelations of the Soul by J.L. Vallance

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Flash Review: Revelations of the Soul

Rating: 4.5 Stars
Source: ARC provided by author
Purchase: Revelations of the Soul (The Guild Series) 

Blurb: “Evangeline had prayed Spiro would be able to protect Vivienne, prayed that he’d keep her safe. The truth was, no one would be able to protect her from what was coming, and Evangeline knew that now. She knew that Vivienne was going to have to fight if she wanted to survive.”
Aedan, Lord of the Daemonium, has claimed Vivienne Drake as his prize and will stop at nothing to keep her. As his captive, Vivienne is forced to spend her days interacting with the monster that’s haunted her dreams for the past fourteen years.Truths of her mother’s past continue to surface, bringing to light the reality of who Vivienne Drake truly is. All the while, Vivienne can do nothing but watch as the façade of the carefully constructed life her mother fashioned crumbles around her; leaving devastation in its wake.Will secrets and lies be her ruination, or can Vivienne overcome her pain in order to become the salvation The Guild and Humanity needs?

Lori’s Thoughts:
Why aren’t more people picking up this series by J.L. Vallance? The first book was amazingly good and has a lot of elements of some bestsellers in it and her writing makes these characters jump off the page and into my heart. (Corny, yeah maybe? Truth? Abso-fucking-lutely). 
Seriously, if you like a good PNR and a good contemp romance pick this series up. She nails it.
More specifically, this book is full of twists and turns. Steamy romance, and action. And a very complex baddie that may have turned my head. What?!?!?!

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