Review and Promotional Requests

Please send all review requests to

Some things to note:

We read pretty much everything. Historical, Western, and more genre  specific romances aren’t a good fit for us or the blog usually, but that doesn’t mean we might not pick one up on a whim.

Our preferred genres are:
Paranormal/Supernatural (YA/NA/ADULT)
Horror (YA/NA/ADULT)
Some Contemporary Romance
And Taboo Romance/Erotica (on occasion)

I kindly ask that authors who feature drug use/abuse and/or rape in their novels to note this when sending their review submissions.

We don’t give wait times for reviews it could be a week, it could be six months. It really depends on who is reading the book and their own lives. Sometimes, for whatever reason we take on a book to review that we cannot review. Usually it’s because we can’t give it a positive review, or because we couldn’t finish it.

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