August 8, 2013 giveaway 0

I wanted to start this giveaway off by offering a huge THANK YOU to absolutely everyone who came out for Kami’s auction last week!! To the authors, bloggers, and artisans who donated, I was blown away with how generous you all were. And to those of you who came to bid on the packages, even if you didn’t win, your participation was greatly appreciated. I can not thank you enough, but I’m sure going to try. Thank you. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

And now on to business, the reason you’re all here. The giveaway. I was lucky enough to win some books from Kami’s auction, and in doing so, won duplicates of some books. I offered them to the next bidder, but he didn’t want them. The author, however, has agreed to let me host a giveaway. So here we are. I am offering the following titles by Felicia Tatum.


Mangled Hearts (Mangles Hearts #1)

The White Aura (White Aura #1)

The Vessel (White Aura #2)

There will be two winners. The first will win Mangled Hearts, and the second will both White Aura books.

A huge thank you to Felicia Tatum for being generous, not just once, but twice. <3

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