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Lori: So as Elyse would say this was an episode full of “the Feels”. She was probably feeling them alright. Most of you are probably still mourning the death of Ygitte right? Well the writers pretty much said “Fuck you!” and killed a few more people in this episode.


Lindsay: You know what? I’m probably in the minority here, but I was a little less than enthused with this finale. It didn’t blow my mind, and I ended up feeling a little deflated in the end. I had been anticipating a certain scene that never came, and now I have to wait another 9 months before I find out if they’re going to ditch that plot line or not.

Lori: LOL. You’re a hater! Lady Stoneheart will show up. Otherwise what the fuck is the point of the whole show?

Elyse: Yes. THE FEELS! I’m so overwhelmed with these last few episodes. Watching Jon take Ygritte North of the wall to make her pyre…


Lori: The return to King’s Landing was welcome after the epic battle at Castle Black, and I am super happy that they didn’t totally abandon Jon and the boys in black after their epic win.  Huge Spoiler. Jaime helps Tyrion escape! You would think after being sentenced to death by his father Tyrion would be like this:

tyrion gifLori: But No! He had to go get even. He is a Lannister after all…

Lindsay: And to ambush his father on the shitter!! How’s that for a final page of his life story! He shall forever go down in history as being the Lannister who died on the pot. He so had that coming.

Elyse: At first I questioned whether he was going to his sister’s or his father’s chambers, butI don’t think Tywin was a shock for me I didn’t think it would be at Tyrion’s hand though.  It was seeing Shae in his father’s bed that gave me the blow to the heart and the ultimate betrayal even after the trial, in the end she truly was just a whore. Sorry Shae, YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED. My heart broke for Tyrion though, he risked so much for her

 Lori: I think my favorite moments of the show came with our return to Bran’s POV. Can we just sit in awe at the Weirwood Heart Tree!!! That scene was beautiful!


Lindsay: I felt like every part of Bran’s story was a tease. There is no way they could have given me enough to last until next year.

Elyse: Bran’s story always leaves me wanting more, it’s one of my favorite story lines and we see so little of it. This was one of my favorite parts of the whole season though.

Lori: It was a pleasant back drop to what happens next…

gotep10 gotep102 jojen reed 1

Lindsay: As sad as I was for Jojen, we’ve known for a while that his end was coming. Not the best way to go, if I may say.

Elyse: I think I expected a little more screaming from him while a skeleton laid next to him stabbing him repeatedly.  Like Lindsay said I knew his end was coming, but wasn’t expecting it at this point. When they were at Craster’s Keep JoJen had told Meera that it was not their time yet, and when they showed him his hand was in flames. So I had assumed it would be fire related, so this definitely caught me off guard. But again RIGHT IN THE FEELS. I wasn’t sure that Meera would leave his side in time and felt like I was stabbed in the heart when she slit his throat.


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