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Can you hear my gleeful giggles all the way over there?

Lori: Another AMAZING ending to this episode. Last episode we got to see Lyssa fly. This episode heads…err just one actually…exploded. OH MY GAWD. I haven’t laughed this much with a TV show in a long time. When the final pop happened I lost it completely. I’m pretty sick in the head, but the writers of this show are even more twisted.

Elyse:  I loved Prince Oberyn, and was rooting so hard for he and Tyrion. But he had to get cocky, couldn’t just kill him and settle for the revenge. No he had to get the damn confession, well he fucking got it all right!!!

I’m NOT okay with this. And I did NOT laugh. *scowls at Lori*

Lindsay: I’m with Lori on this one. Having read the books, I knew it was coming. But nothing… and I mean NOTHING… could have prepared me for this amount of awesome. So over-the-top disgusting, and I can’t even imagine what kind of sounds I made while watching it. I may have laughed. Or maybe I groaned. lol

Lori: The Bastard Bolton is now Lord Bolton. Well, well, well. It seems torturing a human being until they are a mere shell of a person is one sure fire way to get a promotion. Could explain why most bosses in this world are evil bastards. I’d like to send out a huge ‘grats to Ramsay. It was well deserved.

Elyse: *claps* His Daddy loves him now! Yay for Ramsay! I loved you even when you were a bastard.

Lindsay: I was struck by how whipped Ramsay is by his dad, kneeling down in front of him, happy for any little amount of attention thrown his way. Hmmm… reminds me of a certain Reek, yes? It seems that Ramsay may have learned a thing or two from Daddy.

Lori: Sansa Stark has turned into a lying little hussy. Looks like her time with the Queen really rubbed off on her.

Elyse: I HATE Littlefinger damn it. My jaw dropped when she put on that show, I thought for sure she would tell them the truth.

Lindsay: Well, I kinda loved that she lied for him. She’s finally working this situation in her favor, and while she doesn’t trust Peter, she seems to know quite well how to control him. Did you see that dress she was wearing? Way to go, Sansa!

Lori: On the Jon Snow front, there wasn’t much Jon Snow actually. Which is a damn shame, because there wasn’t nearly enough Ramsay either.

Elyse: Did you see the preview though? I’m concerned for the remaining Stark children. Jon included of course, the battle with the Wildlings is going to get fucking messy. And what happens when he’s confronted with Ygritte again?!?!

Lindsay: My lips are sealed. Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to not blab everything that’s about to happen?

Lori: And my lips are double sealed because I know our little Jon Snow’s outcome at the end of the fifth book. I’m really excited to relive some of this stuff. Like I said in the first post I’ve forgotten quite a bit of these details.

Elyse: And can I just say there was a part where I did laugh hysterically, just not when Lori did. Arya’s fit of laughter? The more she laughed the more I laughed. And the Hound’s face was absolutely priceless too. I love that girl.

Lindsay: HA! Elyse, I was just about to bring that up! Arya’s laughter was just the perfect reaction to her aunt’s death. Absolutely nothing can go their way. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. 😉

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