#GoT: S4/Ep6 Recap

May 13, 2014 GoT Recap 2

CR GoT Final


If you have not watched this Episode then please be warned: Spoilers abound!


Lori: What an episode?!?!? Holy crap that was a TON of STUFF all wrapped up in that hour. Tyrion’s trial. More Reek developments, and a half clothed Ramsay Snow covered in blood.

Ramasay Snow Bloody

Yep, yep, and more yep!!!! Elyse and I give this scene two huge thumbs up. Right Elyse?


Lori: On a whole I though this episode was completely solid. My favorite parts were the scenes with the other Snow, and Reek. And Tyrion’s trial. I think they far overshadowed Dany’s ruling woes. But all in all the writers are doing a fantastic job of moving the plot forward!!!

On the Jon Snow front, there wasn’t any Jon Snow, but really that was okay. I only cried a little.

Elyse: This episode portrays exactly why I love Ramsay Snow. The scenes with he and Reek are by far my favorite going on in the story line right now. *stops and stares at the gif* We’ve finally been given a true glimpse of the damage Ramsay has done to Theon’s mental state and also the brutality that has been inflicted on his body. Theon has disappeared completely – he now only knows himself to be Reek.

Also let’s just say I knew Yara would tuck tail and run once she got to the Dreadfort. Did she really think she was going to be able to extract him that easily after he’d been there for so long?

Elyse: Who’s the dumb cunt now Yara?!?!

And as for the rest, all I can say is poor Tyrion. 🙁


I’m really enjoying the Ramsay Snow storyline too, but not because Ramsay’s hot (not saying he’s not… I just prefer my men with their sanity intact). It’s the first real thread that wasn’t in Book 3 at all. Theon disappeared from the plot and we were left wondering what happened, so this gives such a great look into what was otherwise behind the scenes.

I was missing Jon and Arya like crazy! And even Littlefinger and Sansa. Where the hell was everybody?! The episode was a little slower than I would have liked, but it did pack in a lot of plot. Tyrion got royally screwed, but I’ll keep my hopes high. The show wouldn’t be the same without Peter Dinklage. <3

We would love to hear about your favorite parts (or least favorite?) If you’ve read the books, please try not to reveal everything you know will happen in the next few episodes, since not everyone has read ahead. If you haven’t read them though, feel free to speculate! 😀

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  • I agree its interesting to see the state “reek” is in…but I absolutely hate Ramsay!!

    As for Tyrion- what an intense scene- that was definitely my favorite! I can’t believe Shae would betray him like that and didn’t she sail away?

    My favorite character and storyline is Daeneyrs. She’s such a beautiful and powerful leader and has grown from the beginning. It was a little disappointing to see she isn’t doing too well ruling :S Well we will have to see where everything leads!

    • Lori Parker

      Yeah. There are two different schools on Ramsay. Those of us who are sick in the head. And everyone else. The fact that they picked an attractive actor is a huge plus, and Elyse and I are suckers for falling for it. <3 You Elyse!

      I LOVE Daeneyrs too. I can't wait to see where the show takes her!!!

      If Tyrion dies we RIOT. He's one such a fascinating character.
      Thank you for commenting!! 😀