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May 20, 2014 GoT Recap 0

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Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers!!! You’ve been warned thrice.

What to say about this weeks episode? What to say?

Lori: To me it felt like a filler episode, but it was a GOOD filler episode. Is it even possible for this show to disappoint me at this point? Tyrion’s basically screwed at this point? Have you seen the Mountain? Yeah, best be saying your bedtime prayers Elyse. Find a Godswood. Because he ain’t going to make it. He should have taken the BLACK…

Elyse: I refuse to say goodbye to Tyrion! And yes I’m well aware of how monstrous the Mountain is. Fucking Clegane family. But come on now Prince Oberyn! I squeed with joy when he told Tyrion he would be his champion. I know he’s not as big as the Mountain, but let’s be honest no one in Westeros is – except for maybe Dany’s dragons. But we’ve never seen him fight, and he’s fueled by revenge. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!

Lindsay: Even though I knew it was coming, I had started to doubt that Oberyn was going to step forward. I was literally biting my nails thinking that those fucking writers were going to choose now to change the plot! SO awesome!

Elyse: What about Bronn? I’m so angry about that whole situation, there are no words for what he’s doing to Tyrion.

Lindsay: I kind of loved how Tyrion handled Bronn’s abandonment. Bronn has always been a sellsword, even above being Tyrion’s friend, but Tyrion was truly awesome for brushing off yet another betrayal with a handshake.

Lori: Bronn was my homeboy. Now, I don’t know. Freaking sellswords.

Lori: Speaking of those who take the Black: My husband, Jon Snow was once again present. If only for a short and disappointing time. Every time Jon seems to take a step forward that douchehat pulls him back.

Elyse: Douchehat? Nice one. The Night’s Watch is in trouble, that’s all there is to it.  There are plenty of people who support Jon, but are too afraid to speak up. They must be really missing Mormont now.

Lindsay: I am so excited for that plot line! You can feel the pressure building in the north and this season will more than likely end in a bloody bang! We’ll get our Jon Snow soon enough…

Lori: Let’s talk about our thoughts on Arya? Is she ever EVER going to get to her family? Or what is left of them? Or see Gendry again? Come on ladies I want to hear your thoughts.

Elyse: Another hell yes moment for me, when Arya said she couldn’t kill the man because she didn’t know his name. And then *BAM* he’s dead. I’m convinced she will be the last Stark standing. I really hope to see what happened to Gendry! He was adorable, and Arya really liked him.

Lindsay: I really miss Gendry! I’m sure he’ll step back in at the least expected moment, but I am OH SO sure that R.R. Martin isn’t done with him yet. Arya is my fucking hero. She just keeps learning from The Hound, but mostly his heartless killing of her enemies. She hasn’t shown any remorse in a while, so I’m worried that she’s losing a part of who she used to be. Will it be her downfall, or the only thing that keeps her alive?

Elyse: Is anyone concerned about where Osha and Rickon disappeared to? I’d like to know what happened to them!

Lindsay: I don’t think about that plot line at all, because Rickon was annoying. He’s too young to stand up for himself, and is whiny, bossy and pouty, like most kids. 😉 I do like Osha though! I’m sure we’ll see her again, but probably not this season.

Lori: Right, they should be at Castle Black by now, right? Or somewhere, anywhere? Honestly though, I’d rather have Ser Pounce back.

Lori: And we can’t talk about this episode with out talking about Lyssa Arryn flying via the Littlefinger nudge!!! I laughed so hard. I even backed up my recording and rewatched it. Just so I could get the full impact of her going bye, bye, bye!

Elyse: Hahaha. I didn’t laugh, but I definitely yelled at the TV and fist pumped. I knew Lord Baelish was going to just push her a little after her freak out. I have said it before, and I will say it again “WHY HASN’T ANYONE KILLED HIM YET?!”

Lindsay: I know you’re going to hit me Elyse, but I kinda like Littlefinger’s devious plotting. He has a huge part to play in this story and at this point, he’s the only thing protecting Sansa. And seriously? Killing Lyssa Arryn should win him MAJOR bonus points, no? She was a total psycho and needed to fly!

Lori: I just wish they would showcase Varys devious plots too. Because we all know he’s doing something behind everyone’s back.

Elyse: And let me just add I love Podrick!

Lindsay: He’s such a cutie. So completely inept in most of his attempts to help. He’s like a floppy puppy.

Lori: I don’t even think about Pod. Ever.

Finally let’s send Lyssa Arryn out in style:

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