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So you love a book. You loved it so much that you tell your friends about it. Word of mouth is awesome and really is the best tool authors have. Especially those self published authors (Gotta Love ‘Em)! But there are many other ways to support and spread the word about your new favorite read. And no you don’t have to go out and devote a whole blog to it like I did.

Tell your friends. But don’t just stop there. Mention that you loved it on facebook/twitter/whatever social media you have. Chances are you don’t talk to your hundreds of fb friends on a daily basis. Guess what some of those random fb friends might be readers looking for an awesome new book.

Like the author’s fan page/book page.

If you know any book bloggers it wouldn’t hurt to throw them a suggestion. Most don’t have the time to read and review every request they get but spreading the word never hurts. Follow the bloggers who love the same books/authors that you do. Many of them have breaking news, updates, cover reveals and giveaways where you can win great swag. Most have contact with lots of self published and traditionaly published authors.They are there to support their favorite authors too. You never know when they might turn you on to something new.
Also most of your favorite authors have a blog. Follow it.

Leave a review on Amazon. Barnes and Nobel too if you want. Amazon is really the powerhouse though. Use the “like” button next to the book title on Amazon. Add new and useful tags that will help other readers find this (indie) book.

Leave a reivew on Goodreads. We may not be professionals but we have power to move books. The more active I am on Goodreads the more I see my friends picking up books that I have rated highly. Sometimes you can turn a friend on to a new genre. It’s an awesome thing to behold. Books bringing random strangers together.

BUY the book. If you like it then BUY some of the authors other works. No it’s not all about the money. However, the more money the author makes from writing the more able they will be to actually devote their lives to writing. Also, self published authors don’t charge you $15-$30 bucks a book. More like .99 cents to 4.99. Some are 9.99 but the majority are under that. Also, the first book of  some series are free or .99 cents. Many have ‘thank you/celebration’ specials and will offer books free or for a reduced price.

Don’t judge authors and books by their covers. With social networking it is easier to find “authors behaving badly”. However, realize they are human and sometimes their emotions get the best of them. Everyone deserves a chance. (Trust me I have interacted with authors that have been accused of being horrible and they are absolutely nothing but nice and supportive of their fans).
Getting awesome professional covers is expensive. I know I recently did some research on this. Read book descriptions you never know what you might be missing that isn’t covered up by a phatpuppy creation. (do check her out though….wow…. ).

Contact the author personally. I don’t know about big names like Stephen King and JK Rowling but I have had nothing but postive interactions with ALL of the self published authors I have met and friended through Goodreads and Facebook.

Wondering where to start exploring self published authors? Try Tamara Rose Blodgett, Jamie McGuire, Rhiannon Frater, Kody Boye, Tammar Webber, Emily Goodwin, Alexia Purdy, Abbi Glines,Tiffany King, Jessica Park, Annie Walls and many many more!!! Also check this lady out. I read an ARC of her first novel and loved it…Katie Andrews Potter

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  • Thanks for your support and your lovely post!

  • No problem. Thank you for being awesome, creative and down to earth!

  • Hi Lori… thanks so much for your well-though out post! You’re spot-on and I’ll just speak for the other Indies: we can’t do it without devoted readers like yourself. Thanks so much for spreading the word!!! <3

    • You’re welcome. I’ve read other blog posts about this and these are the things I find to be most successful and least time consuming. I know that not all readers have the luxury of working from home like me. So I thought I would try and give my version of what I do to show my support. You all really do deserve it. I know you folks work hard.

  • SaberJ

    You should also try *Kristen Ashley* if you love, love & love your alpha males :)Seriously her books are amazing!


    • Thanks for the suggestion. I will definately check her out!!!