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August 13, 2012 Uncategorized 2

Hey all,
I am back from vacation. I still have a couple of projects to finish before I will be back to regular posting. Should only be a day or two. I have some sweet stuff coming up. A couple of awesome blog tours are stopping by. I hope to have a new indie author crush up next Thursday. I’m thinking I might harrass Annie Walls for that one. I also want to do a fun interview with Ashley Robertson. Who is completely awesomesauce and totally supportive of us.

Big news. I am having a giant giveaway in October. This is in honor of my birthday (Oct. 21st) and Halloween.
I’ve already got some swag picked up for it and am looking for author donations. Hopefully we can get some other good stuff for you all.

November is National write a novel month. Here is the link to sign up for it. It would be awesome if we could get a lot of us to do this together. We could maybe set up a writing group or something fun like that. Beta read for each other etc. I believe the goal is 50,000 words. Which is a short novel. Come on sign up with me!!!

Well anyway I was just wanting to let everyone know that I survived my trip with minimal bug bites. Damn Minnesota is covered with those buggers. 😀

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