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Please Welcome Alexia Purdy!

Alexia Purdy has been nothing but supporitve of me and this blog. I seriously love her. I consider her a friend and know that I can go to her if I need to. She is an amazing reader, writer and mother of 4. She works a day job, beta reads and writes dark stories for our entertainment. Can you say Superwoman? When I asked if she would be willing to be interviewed for the blog. She said no problem. So without further ado here is our interview: Sorry about the standard questions. I think for our next interview I will think of some fun ones. Same with Tamara…although with both these are questions I really wanted to know the backstory. Now that we do from now on we can get to the fun stuff. Ok? Ok.
LP: You are one of Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly’s authors. Do you consider yourself to be an indie author or a hybrid author?
AP: I consider myself a hybrid author, it works well for me to have my books self published and published with an independant publisher. I have the freedom I want and the support of a publisher too. I love it.

LP: It’s obvious from your goodreads profile that you are an avid reader. What made you decide to transition from book lover to book writer?
AP: I guess I’ve always been both, life gets in the way though. I wanted to be a writer since I was a little wee one and could read. I wanted to make my own worlds come to life for others.

LP: Do you write in the genres that you love to read?
AP: I do, I write YA Paranormal Fantasy, which I read a lot of. I also have one book Reign of Blood in Dystopian Mature YA. It’s been fun doing YA. I do plan to do some Contemporary Literature too, I love those kind of books and plan to keep writing in these genres for a long time.

LP: You’re from Las Vegas. Reign of Blood was set in Las Vegas. What made you decide to use this city for the apocalypse? Why did you choose California for the setting of Ever Shade and Ever Fire?
AP: I chose Vegas because I am very familiar with it and I don’t see too many books set in this ciy. It’s an amazing place with a variety of scenery that I can do a lot with. Ever Shade and Ever Fire actually take place in Oregon along the west coast of the state. I am not specific where but I do mention it’s around Portland OR. This is a place I would love to visit, I haven’t actually been there. I have been to California a lot and I used references to UCLA but that was about it.

LP: In your opinion, are zompires scarier than traditional vampires and zombies?
AP: Oh gosh yes, they are viscious, just that much more scary. I wanted to have the different species to represent the mutations that go along with any kind of epidemic. Not everyone dies, not everyone reacts the same to an illness. I hope it created a sense of how big the tragedy really is and how devestating it is for those who did survive. The zompires are really scary, mostly because they seem mindless like zombies but have certain low level behaviours that would indicate something of intelligence? Smart animals at best can be scary.

LP: Can you tell us what’s up next?
AP: Actually, I have decided that Disarming (Reign of Blood #2) will be the next completed book, aiming for December release, we shall see. I am also working on a series of short stories for my Dark Faerie Tale series to keep the variety of the Land of Faerie and it’s characters out there, it’s a huge place and I have so many ideas for it that the short story series seemed to be the perfect thing for that. I’m excited about all these projects.

LP: *Evil Grins* I seriously pester her about this book ALL the time guys!

LP: Any books coming out that you are really excited about? We always love book recommends!
AP: Oh boy, hmm. I am an avid Cassandra Clare fan and I can’t wait for her third book for The Infernal Instruments series. LOVE it! Other than that, I really don’t know. My to read list is so long, I have pretty much the rest of my life planned with books to read. My favorite series are the two by Cassandra Clare and the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, she rocks and I am sad to say there is just one more book coming out for that series…..:(
Thanks for having me! <3 xoxox Ok now for the giveaway. I have a paperback copy of Reign of Blood that I will be giving to one lucky person!!! Enter the Rafflecopter form to win: Easy Peasy!
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For US residents only. If you entered before this time 6 pm central time and are international. I will honor your entry and send it to you. However, I don’t believe anyone is…..
Also, I know some blogs get upset if you don’t do EVERY entry. The only ones I will for sure check are the GFC adds, liking Alexia’s page and liking our page on facebook. I realize not everyone has a twitter.

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      Zompire? Can’t say I’ve had an encounter yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know. My suspicion, though, would be that they aren’t as cuddly as kittens. Am I right?

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  • Ren

    Holy moly, they were scary as shit! Loved the book and I love the interview!!

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