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Title: Never Say Never

Author: Emily Goodwin

Genre: Full length, stand-alone contemporary romance

Release Date: September 28, 2015




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My life was full of nevers.

It was never supposed to go this way. I was never supposed to lose Mom so soon. I was never supposed to worry about making ends meet, to worry about losing the farm. I never thought I’d be working a job I hate, with a boss who was more interested in what was under my shirt than in my head. Saving neglected and abused horses had been my whole life. It was my reprieve, my sanity, my last saving grace in a cruel world. I never thought I’d grow to resent it, but I guess there is a first for everything.

Then I met him.

The Hollywood playboy. The entitled, cocky asshole that I can’t get out of my head. I never thought there could be more to him than sex appeal and an infamous reputation of loving and leaving. I never thought I’d fall for him, put my heart on the line, and risk letting him completely destroy me.

But you know what they tell you…never say never.



CR: How much planning do you do before you start a new project? Do you research before you write, during the writing process, or after the first draft?

EG:I’m not a planner at all. I get an idea and then go with it. If that idea requires researching, I can spend days or weeks getting the info I need before I dive into the first draft.

CR: Take us through your usual writing routine, do you usually just sit down and go? Or do you need to prep?

EG:The only prepping I have to do is distract the toddler while I write LOL then I’m a “sit down and go” type of person. Having a cup of coffee within my reach happens at least half the time I write too!

CR: What are some common mistakes that you notice in your writing? (I notice that I tend to start a lot of sentences with ‘I’.) How do you avoid making these mistakes time and time again? Or do you not worry about it until the second draft?

EG: I try not to worry too much about mistakes during the first draft. I like to just get my thoughts down and go through with a fine-toothed comb during my first read through. I tend to describe mundane things (like doing laundry, brushing teeth…that sort of thing) in too much detail. I cut out a LOT after my first edit.

CR: Do you use beta readers? What is your process for selecting them?

EG: I do, and I’m so very grateful for them! I have a handful of regular beta readers, and when I have a completed first draft, I just let them know so they can take a copy to go through if they have the time. Beta feedback is so helpful!

CR: Do you infuse pieces of yourself into your writing, or are your stories/characters nothing like you?

EG: Sometimes I give a character a trait, like having the same taste in music/food/clothing as me, but I try to make everyone different because it’s just more fun that way.

CR: How do you choose what to read next?

EG:I should be ashamed to admit this, but I’m a total cover whore and will pick books based on what draws me in visually.

CR: What’s one book that you absolutely cannot live without?

EG: The whole Harry Potter series. I grew up with Harry and that whole world has influenced my life so much. (I’m wearing Gryffindor PJs right now)

CR: If you could live in any world in any book what/where would it be?

EG: Harry Potter for sure. No questions asked, I’d kill to go to Hogwarts!

CR:  Do you have a reading pet peeve? (Lack of editing, overly wordy, lack of research)?

EG:Lack of research KILLS me, especially when it comes to healthcare (nurse here) and horses (I’ve been a horse owner for years). It just taints the whole book for me.

CR: How do you balance your reading and writing schedule?

EG:I get my writing done first, then read. I try to take a break after I finish a book and go to the bookstore as a reward. It’s motivating!

Sweets or Chocolate:  Chocolate

Music or Silence: music

Day or Night: Can I pick both?

Text or Phone Call: Text. I’m awkward on the phone

Photos or Memories: I’m a picture addict. I’m constantly taking pictures of kid. But in the end, memories matter.

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Emily writes all types of romance, from love stories set in the zombie apocalypse to contemporary romances taking place on a western horse ranch. Emily lives in Indiana with her husband, children, and many pets, including a German Shepherd named Vader. When she isn’t writing, Emily can be found riding her horses, designing and making costumes, and sitting outside with a good book.




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