Just Breathe Blog Tour Part 1 (18+ Dirty Dirty Words Used)

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When I discover books like this I feel like such a slacker! Like where in the hell was I and why have I never read this series before? Needless to say I am still catching up! I have finished Inhale (Book 1) and Exhale (Book 2) I cannot wait to see what happens next!!! 
For my part of the Blog Tour I asked the Characters how they felt about Sex on the First Date. Needless to say they had some very colorful and hilarious answers! 

Just Breathe Flash Review:
I’m going to keep this review short and sweet, because you’re not here for me! Just Breathe is fun ride. It’s fast, hot and thrilling. It’s a wonderful book and the ending to this series can’t be anymore amazing. Seriously go buy this series. To make it even more sweet all of the proceeds go to the Whales!!!! So without further ado, let’s hang out with the characters!

Lori Parker: Sex on the first date or the third date? Or do you feel the need to make puppy dog eyes at each other for longer?

Zoe Morgan: I guess technically, Gavin and I did it on the fourth “date.” Though, that was in the Dreaming, and they certainly weren’t traditional dates by any stretch. First time we met, he rescued me from drowning. Second time, he was a total jerk to me, and we fought. Then he sorta rescued me again. That was nice. Fourth time…I jumped his bones. You can only deny his hotness for so long before you have to give in.

In Realis? Jeez, we had that date in Brisbane after the Just Breathe show. I slept next to him that night, but no hanky panky. Then he crawled through my bedroom window a bunch of times…I guess I’m an old-fashioned girl. I like to get to know a guy before I jump in the sack with him.

Gavin Cassidy: Until Zoe, I never dated. I claim ignorance. Though, I would’ve shagged the hell ouf of her on the dream beach where I rescued her if I thought she’d let me.

Zoe: You’re such a charmer. I probably would have let you. Damn inhibitions. At least they didn’t stick around for too long. 😉

Byrn: Dating? What’s that? I’ll polish my knob on anything with a pulse – the quicker, the better. There’s too much Fire to be had in this crazy world to waste on romance, flowers, candy, and shit. Tell you what. You guys go off on your little “dates,” all prim and proper-like. I’ll be shagging your mom and dad behind the dumpster. Let me know how that whole Victorian “waiting” thing works out for ya. Gods, if I had pearls, Zoe, I’d clutch them on your behalf.

Andrea @The Bookish Babe: Damn, Byrn. I knew I liked you for a reason!

Byrn: No, Andrea, you don’t LIKE the Byrn. You LOVE the Byrn. I’ll Byrnyour insides up with this mighty serpent, baby. *Licks hand and squeezes the package* *Steam rises* I’ll Byrn you so good, you’ll taste me when I hit the million dollar jackpot inside you. I’ll Byrn you ‘til you scream my name, slap my ass, and need a lava-proof pizza peel to scrape your melted body off the grocery store floor. ‘Cause that’s where I’d do you. In the grocery store. Fruit and vegetable section. All-natural sex toys there. Not that you’d need ’em.

Andrea: *blinks* Oh…okay. I’m totally down for that. *stretches*

Vexx: *Rolls eyes* Ah, boy. Here we go…

Gavin: Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Andrea.

Adriene: Well, if a certain someone would ask me out on a date, I might get down with this hot blond deadlocked ass before we left the driveway. Stupid bass player guy. *Pouts*

Zoe: Patience, Adriene. I have a feeling about you and Mike. 🙂

Sinnder: What does Hawthorne have to say about this question? *Raises a brow and grins slyly*

Jet Hawthorne: *Shakes head* I’m not a big fan of dating.

Sinnder: Fan of sex, then?

*Jet looks away*

Sinnder: I’ll bet I could change your mind.

Jet: Not interested.

Jack Weaver: *Gently pulls Jet out of Sinnder’s line of fire* *Swats Gavin* Lemme see your puppy dog eyes, man.

*Gavin makes big-eyed, innocent face* *The tattoos, spiked hair, and assorted piercings ruin it*

Jack: *Shakes head* Dude, you look like a frickin’ idiot. That hair ain’t doing you any favors. Stick to the duck-lipped rock star glam face. *Laughs around a bite of apple*

* * * * FIN * * * *

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  • I haven’t read any of this series but so many of my friends on GR are going crazy for it. I love what the author is doing with her donations for whales, such a great way to use your voice I think. Awesome post, you’ve made me want to jump into the series even more!

  • LOVED IT! Thank you for hosting!