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October 30, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Hey everybody,
Kami lent me her seasons of SOA. I am gone. LOL. I thought since I am obviously spending my free time being glued to the show I should at least review them…or something. I will start with Season 1 and move on from there.

Season 1 
Since I am like what, 4 or 5 seasons behind this will probably be boring for all you SOA freaks out there. My thoughts:
I really liked the first few episodes but didn’t feel really drawn in. I thought they lacked some grit. My mom watches those true biker stories…the ones about how crazy the Hells Angels used to be. Anyway. It wasn’t until midway through the season that I got hooked. Obviously this………………

is a huge draw. Yum. But it takes more than a pretty face, and kickin body to hook me. I loved the grime and blood of the final few episodes and Hellboy rocks as Clay.

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